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I don't need any introduction; I'm Google's premier UK drunken slut.

Don't believe me? Type it and see ;o)

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Oops. Look what I found in my old car

(viewed 1292 times)
They should have been returned to the caravan site back in November after a very drunk Sun Holidays weekend, but I forgot. Nevermind, lol.
9th Apr 2006, 18:52   comments (2)

My new car!

(viewed 1279 times)
Rover 200 iv, 1.8, full leather interior (thank you very much) and he's so speedy quick! I love him more than chocolate :-)
5th Apr 2006, 08:18   comments (5)

Car auction

(viewed 1199 times)
My car died last week, so I'm looking for a new one. I've got my eye on a gold Rover 25, so will have to see what happens when it reaches the gavel *bites nails*
28th Mar 2006, 17:47   comments (2)

Teresa and Roger

(viewed 1253 times)
Some poor bloke that has the misfortune to be sat next to Teresa... she won't stop talking to him. Poor bugger :-(
25th Mar 2006, 19:22   comments (0)

Little Britain

(viewed 1228 times)
A true reflection of how to enjoy fine British comedy :-)
25th Mar 2006, 18:19   comments (1)

Me and Rach

(viewed 1246 times)
Pissed as farts. T, I love you more!
17th Mar 2006, 23:09   comments (2)

The morning after...

(viewed 1486 times)
Okay, it's technically the afternoon after. But considering I only just got my bacon breakfast because T is nursing the hangover from hell (and she's a selfish, lazy bitch) I'm still counting this as AM.

We killed a whole bottle of vodka between the two of us last night and as per usual I've woken up feeling fine, whereas T wishes she was dead, lol.
4th Mar 2006, 14:08   comments (12)


(viewed 1220 times)
I found this on my phone, I can't believe I didn't send it earlier!

T and I will be pissed again on Friday, we'll be sure to twat about and take photos as per ;-)
1st Mar 2006, 21:20   comments (1)
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