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"Is that woman mayor still in Berwyn...?"

(Same day as "the 'Sign' Hunt")

"Today was a day of culinary and driving adventures. We got shows and tried frog legs. Ian didn't like them though"

5th Jul 2009, 06:50   comments (1)

the "Sign" Hunt

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"As Vince, Ian, and I all went in search of shows at local venues this morning, I decided to take pictures of different signs that caught my attention...I really can't go "upside down 35" on my car, it would be interesting to be able to though. And oh yeah, we ate some frog legs too"

- Andres
3rd Jul 2009, 22:41   comments (1)


"A couple of days after band practice (and joy riding) we made yet another friend...a bulldog! named, Jake :) . He came and visited the twins at their party"

29th Jun 2009, 02:11   comments (2)

So...What Have We Been Up Too....?

"Many..many things...but, now that we have this up and running again, hopefully we'll be using it more often. Today though, we did check out a couple of new venues, and, we made a new friend :)"

19th Jun 2009, 05:46   comments (0)

A Day at Panera

"The title says it all.....well sort of"

23rd Oct 2007, 04:20   comments (2)

Random Pic

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"Just something we found would be pretty entertaining"

10th Sep 2007, 07:48   comments (2)

Pictures From The Hideout

"One of the many things we have been up to, it's always good to see a band you look up to in a way"

10th Sep 2007, 07:48   comments (0)

Albert Hammond Jr. Concert (06/08/07)

"Danny and i went to go see Albert Hammond Jr. at the Metro and we were right up front, it was really awesome. Just what we needed to get us pumped up for the Dune on Saturday."

9th Jun 2007, 21:58   comments (0)
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