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For a long time now I love to people watch, examining the way they act in normal circumstances, interact or don't as the case may be. I spend about 4 hours a day travelling and experience some very strange events on the rail networks. As such I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these.

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Where is my food?

(viewed 425 times)
11th Dec 2006, 21:32   comments (1)

Swan at bluewater

(viewed 368 times)
Arr pretty...
11th Dec 2006, 19:39   comments (0)

Chatham Cathedral

(viewed 663 times)
11th Dec 2006, 17:08   comments (0)

Oh dear

(viewed 514 times)
Someone isnt in a christmas mood...
9th Dec 2006, 14:59   comments (0)

YMCA Its a Religion...

(viewed 1176 times)
5th Dec 2006, 23:43   comments (6)

Poppy Montage

(viewed 518 times)
Some of the images we have of poppy, thinking of her.
5th Dec 2006, 01:00   comments (1)


(viewed 755 times)
Unfortunately this morning we received a call from a mobile number
that left a message. The message said that there was no easy way to
say this, but I have found your cat dead at the roadside. We rushed
outside and found Poppy had been hit by a car and had died instantly.
I gathered her up in a blanket and we took her home, contacted the
vets and she is now on her way to be cremated. Its a sad day for us
here, she was a lovely cat and only lived to the age of 6. She came
to me as a stray 3 years ago, I came home to find her behind the sofa
and very unwilling to venture out. For several days she stayed there,
i had placed a litter tray, food and water and small rug for her to
sleep on. After about 5 days she ventured out and very carefully we
made friends. She had been abused in the past, I know this by the
first time I stoked her as my hand ran along her back and touched her
tail, she shrieked out even though it was a gentle touch. After about
a year, she trusted me to allow me to cut her claws, occasionally
bath her and stoke her tail with no fear. Poppy also got on well with
Gizmo, the older cat and now Riley, the kitten. She used to bring us
home special gifts in the form of mice at 3am.We will all miss her very much, she was unique.R.I.P. Poppy.
4th Dec 2006, 12:06   comments (14)

Whats this wrestlers name?

(viewed 570 times)
Does any one know what this wrestlers name is? My 9 year old has asked me and i cant answer it... Help
28th Nov 2006, 15:55   comments (4)