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For a long time now I love to people watch, examining the way they act in normal circumstances, interact or don't as the case may be. I spend about 4 hours a day travelling and experience some very strange events on the rail networks. As such I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these.

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took a couple of days to post this, but Ricky Gevais was very funny,
he was supported by Robin Ince. Couple of hecklers but he dealt with
them really well. Haven't laughed that loud for a long time. I was
worried though as me and the misses were sat in the front row and we
thought he might pick us out as the misses had to take a loo break
half way through his set lol
29th Mar 2007, 22:32   comments (0)

Ricky Gervais tonight in Brighton

(viewed 379 times)
Yay - really looking forward to seeing Ricky tonight in Brighton on
his "Fame" tour.
26th Mar 2007, 15:45   comments (2)

Chatham docks

(viewed 386 times)
16th Mar 2007, 18:47   comments (3)

Out to Sea

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17th Feb 2007, 22:35   comments (4)

Brighton pier at dusk

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17th Feb 2007, 22:30   comments (1)


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I died and went to heaven... ok Apple store in Regents Street hehe
14th Feb 2007, 20:11   comments (1)


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Taken the other day, you can just see the rainbow behind the tree.
14th Feb 2007, 20:11   comments (0)

Sound of Music

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Managed to sneek a quick picture of the stage before I got asked to
turn off my phone. It wasn't connie this night, but the stand in was
14th Feb 2007, 20:09   comments (3)