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For a long time now I love to people watch, examining the way they act in normal circumstances, interact or don't as the case may be. I spend about 4 hours a day travelling and experience some very strange events on the rail networks. As such I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these.

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Huge rabbit

(viewed 987 times)
This Rabbit story is in todays Metro, its HUGE! Weighs in at 7.7kg. Its ears are as big as one of our normal rabbits. Scary!
3rd Feb 2006, 08:16   comments (5)

How exciting...

(viewed 537 times)
So the most exciting thing they stick on the back of the toilet door at my work...
2nd Feb 2006, 08:21   comments (0)

Back at work

(viewed 555 times)
After nearly 3 weeks off work due to a severe chest infection I'm finally back at work. Hurrah! No more day time TV, it was driving me INSANE!
30th Jan 2006, 15:36   comments (1)

Winking cat in the box.

(viewed 1650 times)
So the expensive cat bed is no longer any good. Because he has found a shoe box. I had to capture it but then he bloody winked! How rude he he
15th Jan 2006, 17:08   comments (1)

Whatever next...

(viewed 570 times)
15th Jan 2006, 15:56   comments (1)

Great use of hotel towels

(viewed 676 times)
14th Jan 2006, 01:36   comments (3)

How many quadrangles?

(viewed 761 times)
I saw this today and i got close but not close enough. How many quadrangles (any rectangular shape surrounded by 4 sides) how many can YOU see?
12th Jan 2006, 18:55   comments (10)

Piggy back?

(viewed 648 times)
11th Jan 2006, 23:48   comments (8)