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Just been tweaking stuff and making sure I can use this place for while I'm away.

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19th Oct 2007, 12:32   comments (0)

Italian Stonehenge

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19th Oct 2007, 12:29   comments (0)

Teeny tiny weeeee iddy biddy wotsit

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This is an iddy biddy wotsit and not one gnawed down to size or a broken one, I got a bag with quite a few in and I now believe they should bring out mini wotsits coz then you can fit more in yer gob.
30th Sep 2007, 23:07   comments (0)

Shaved Ginj? or his brother?

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This is Ginj's older brother Dave. He's the spitting image of Ginj except he looks like he has an army number1 buzz cut and Ginj is his insolent long-haired hippy brother lol.
21st Sep 2007, 22:13   comments (0)


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20th Sep 2007, 19:43   comments (1)

Stupid cat in a box

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18th Sep 2007, 22:02   comments (0)

Who killed PoohBear?

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A festa in town. During the day (before the MA-HO-SIVE piss up for the adults in the evening) they have little stuff for the kiddies to do but this head (a little later) was on a SPIKE and at the entrance to kiddies play area!!? It was quite disturbing lol I tried sending the spiked bersion but started having issues with my phone.

Can you imagine being a 4 year old fan of Winnie The Pooh skipping along to a fun festa and stumbling onto a giant spiked head of your hero???! the poor little fuckers!!!
28th Jul 2007, 12:19   comments (0)


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A good 4/5 inches of rainwater outside my flat only 2 inches from flooding through my front door.
20th Jul 2007, 12:58   comments (0)
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