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Happy '09!

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Taken about 10 minutes before midnight. It is now shortly after 3, we're watching Jerry Springer and smoking, while Scott and Curtis trip on Salvia. Can't believe it's already 2009. Hope it's better than 2008.
1st Jan 2009, 11:18   comments (0)


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This bitch was FLIPPING out over some dude being rude to her on the MAX. Oh the outings of drunk girls. Hilarity. You have to listen really close to hear her.. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE LEFT COAST. :) Heading back home to continue the party, downtown was dead minus the 5k run, and I don't run unless chased. Thx & goodbye.

Calpernia Addams...

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SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME. I'm all for the trannies, don't get me wrong, but this bitch is like a walking billboard for bad plastic surgery and gay stereotypes worldwide. Don't even get me started on the piece of shit show that was Transamerican Love Story. Watched a couple episodes this morning. Worst dating show in the history of dating shows. I can't believe the pure crap they put on TV these days.. And I watch all of it.

Ha, I know the feeling

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Wow. Pwnd by the MAX.

Something must stink..

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Lola hates the light and usually will cover her eyes while sleeping.. covering her nose, on the other hand? This is new - and strange - behavior for her.
30th Dec 2008, 22:45   | tags:,,comments (1)

24th hour

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Yep, this pic sums it up pretty well. Exhausted, chain-smoking to stay awake, and on auto pilot at this point. :-\ Eff this BS, I'm going to bed.
28th Dec 2008, 23:14   comments (0)

"Look they put a little suit on him!"

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Thank fuck for South Park onDemand! There is nothing on TV. Oh, and that midge is so Matt Roloff.

Drunk Kels' snow angel!

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We bet Kelsey wouldn't make a snow angel for pizza... We lost. Papa John's is on the way.

(That would be Hillary laughing uncontrollably in the background, fyi.)