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welcome to my moblog.
here you'll find a collection of images / text and other stuff I come across.

Tim ;-)

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TomTom - Is this proof enough?

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I've been having fun with TomTom, my PDA was exchanged on insurance and they wouldn't issue a new activiation code without me proving that this was the case.

I'm all for protecting copyright but after sending them copies of my bill that showed the excess charge, serial numbers from new
boxes etc, and as a customer for 10 years (when they were called Palmtop back on the Psions) I started to lose the will to live!

As it was done on insurance, it was all on the phone with no paperwork... In the end I upgraded as it was easier (and new toys...) but the XDA Orbit is an unsupported device apparently so we had to go through that again!!!

Eventually they agreed and sorted it out for me (shiny new receipt for free upgrade did the trick!) but guess what - this week that device developed a fault and has now been swapped again!!! - So this time I filmed the entire exchange process for 'em as well as the little receipt. I uploaded this to their server as a supporting document and things seem to have moved a little faster this time... So here it is for
your viewing pleasure.

(I know it's not that interesting but some friends have been asking to see it so there ya go).

Tim ;-)
31st Jan 2007, 11:56   comments (1)

Dave's Interesting Year (So far...)

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My mate Dave and on his new year (and new Baby!).
13th Jan 2007, 18:28   comments (0)

But Why?

(viewed 607 times)
Took this on the M1.

Sign says 'Pedestrians in Road - Slow to 50 mph'

Think that'll help?
22nd Dec 2006, 11:59   comments (0)

Festive Ukulele Tune!

(viewed 553 times)
Here's a Christmas Tune I recorded on my new Ukulele (Christmas Present!)

Enjoy and Happy Christmas to all you friendly Mobloggers!

MP3 Format.
22nd Dec 2006, 11:52   comments (0)


(viewed 620 times)
Hotel, River and Ryanair.
11th Dec 2006, 12:34   comments (0)

Vicar Street

(viewed 745 times)
Cool sculptures outside Vicar Street in Dublin.
11th Dec 2006, 12:28   comments (0)

Ian's First Guiness

(viewed 493 times)
This is Ian's First Guiness....(Although he was ill the next morning it's not believed that the two events were related at all).
11th Dec 2006, 12:23   comments (0)

Creak. 2am. Dublin.

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This is maybe the loudest staircase in all of Dublin and we are trying to sneak back to our rooms after filming a gig with magician Keith Barry at Vicar Street.Windows Media Format.
11th Dec 2006, 11:52   comments (0)