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welcome to my moblog.
here you'll find a collection of images / text and other stuff I come across.

Tim ;-)

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Weds 19th Jan.

So, we are now onboard BA065 to Nairobi, Kenya. Train down was fine, tubes stopped due to some incident so we had to catch another train, but got to our hosts at about 10pm. Cab this morning (Mercedes!) and an easy check in with all our kit! The flight is pretty empty so it's nice and comfy... Oh and loads of movies to choose from...

Tim ;-)
31st Jan 2005, 11:00   comments (0)

We're here anyway!

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Greetings from an internet cafe in Adams Arcade, Nairobi.
Can't get the PDA to upload at all via dial-up, GPRS or gas! They offer
wireless service here and the gadget connects but the staff smile sweetly at
me and have no idea how to let me access it.

Just had two triple-lattes for lunch and am now feeling wide awake at last.
Got here ok and have seen lots of planes at the MAF hangar, done a few
meetings with other agencies based here in Nairobi and on Monday we fly into
Sudan for the week to visit some villages and projects. Went on Safari this
morning too (day off!) and had fun, just got to work out how to get back to
where we're staying now...

Tim ;-)
22nd Jan 2005, 12:11   comments (0)


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Whilst at Meadowhell, I was amused to notice that one of their expensive new plasma systems had crashed completely, it can't find a hard disk... He he he.

(this email sent from pda)
16th Jan 2005, 17:30   comments (0)

Jedi Soundman

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This is Chris.
He is my padwan apprentice, and is growing in the ways of of the jedi soundman. Here he is smiling in that everything-is-under-control-honest ressuring manner which is the first skill of the jedi soundman.
16th Jan 2005, 11:52   comments (0)


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Aaah. The cinema.
Enjoy it's air conditioned, storytelling soft welcome.

I've also got a movie blog online at:
/> Why not add your comments...
16th Jan 2005, 11:50   comments (1)


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Just seen this photo from my mate John who was best man at this wedding recently and wrote H E L P on Stan's shoes with a chalk marker. Top marks for a great photo and delivery! (of course the groom was completely unaware).
15th Jan 2005, 22:43   comments (1)

Toy Hacking...

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Read this article about toy hacking, this guy has taken one of those robosapien toys and added wireless networking, digital camera, radio receiver and mp3 player and he can control the entire thong via the web. Coolio.

Apparently he won a prize for it and a Commision to write a Book about modding them.

(this email sent from pda)
15th Jan 2005, 14:22   comments (0)

Ram Raiders @ The Sheffield Ski Village

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Went for lunch at the Ski Village today to find that ram raiders had moved a massive boulder to drive their truck intonthe actual building!
11th Jan 2005, 15:20   comments (2)