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I'm just an average person living an average life. I eat, drink, work, sleep, repeat. What you will find here are the things that remind me that life is not always so average.

I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. I am a systems administrator/network engineer/whatever-they-want-me-to-be for a large government contracting company. I get to work in the city which is fantastic.

I love any kind of EDM as well as most rock, some pop and hiphop and r&b; (the latter three are a recent development thanks to XM Radio). I attend Northern Virginia Community College, usually one credit at a time. Otherwise I'd never sleep. I try to go out to Cubik every so often but again with the sleep.

I have a husband (Paul), a dog (Bonita), local family (Mom, Mama y Papa), and lots of distant family (some in Dallas, some in California, most in Spain). My husband and I are looking to move to Spain (moving BACK for him) come Summer/Fall of 2006.

Maybe I'm not so average after all...

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Valentine's Day

(viewed 503 times)
My husband sent me my favorite flowers. :) The same day I get my first
6th May 2005, 18:23   comments (0)

Damn, this coffee is thick!

(viewed 428 times)
Jeff practices his fantastic skills of balancing spoons in coffee mugs.
6th May 2005, 18:22   comments (0)

Opie and Anthony

(viewed 376 times)
We listen to this on XM a lot.
6th May 2005, 18:22   comments (0)

Celebrating Pancake Day at IHOP

(viewed 336 times)
Mmm.. Pancakes.
6th May 2005, 18:21   comments (0)

Present for Bonita

(viewed 400 times)
I got her her own little water bowl!
6th May 2005, 18:21   comments (0)

Vamos a la casa de Mamá y Papá!

(viewed 364 times)
Oh, how Bonita loves her head out the window. :)
6th May 2005, 18:20   comments (0)

My Husband the DJ

(viewed 382 times)
Paul spinning at the Blue Room in Adam's Morgan.
6th May 2005, 18:20   comments (0)


(viewed 340 times)
6th May 2005, 18:19   comments (0)