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I'm just an average person living an average life. I eat, drink, work, sleep, repeat. What you will find here are the things that remind me that life is not always so average.

I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. I am a systems administrator/network engineer/whatever-they-want-me-to-be for a large government contracting company. I get to work in the city which is fantastic.

I love any kind of EDM as well as most rock, some pop and hiphop and r&b; (the latter three are a recent development thanks to XM Radio). I attend Northern Virginia Community College, usually one credit at a time. Otherwise I'd never sleep. I try to go out to Cubik every so often but again with the sleep.

I have a husband (Paul), a dog (Bonita), local family (Mom, Mama y Papa), and lots of distant family (some in Dallas, some in California, most in Spain). My husband and I are looking to move to Spain (moving BACK for him) come Summer/Fall of 2006.

Maybe I'm not so average after all...

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My curmudgeon!

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My 10th grade Ceramics teacher made these and many of us LOVED them so she made extras. This little guy has been with me for... 8 years. :)
12th May 2005, 14:25   comments (1)


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I arrived in my office today after being gone for 4 days to this BEAUTIFUL smell.. I looked up, and one of my stargazer lilies has bloomed! Huzzah!! If you didn't know, stargazer lilies are my favorite. Paul (my husband) bought me this plant last weekend and I've been waiting impatiently for it to bloom. :)
11th May 2005, 12:32   comments (0)

Almost moved in...

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Boxes, boxes, boxes in our new apartment.
9th May 2005, 19:32   comments (0)


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LOL. This is in the laundry room in our apartment building. ;)
6th May 2005, 23:57   comments (1)


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Soon they will bloom and they will be the most BEAUTIFUL stargazer lilies ever. :)
6th May 2005, 19:14   comments (0)

Sushi Goodness

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Went to dinner at Sushi Sashimi in Centreville (since we're moving this
weekend). While not regular regulars, they still remember us. What you
see here is eel/cucumber maki in the upper left, salmon nigiri in upper
right, spicy salmon maki on either side in the middle, eel nigiri on the
lower left, creamy spicy tuna maki in lower right, and their Jazz Roll
down the middle which is salmon, tuna, cucumber and avocado maki with
spicy tuna on top. He later made us "surprise sushi" which was slices
of salmon and tuna together nigiri-style with thin slices of pineapple
and a wasabi-mayonaisse kind of sauce on top. Absolutely wonderful!
6th May 2005, 18:34   comments (1)


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I saw this right down the street from the Spanish Embassy. There have
been various "BORF" pieces throughout DC. I don't know if BORF is
responsible for this fantastically done job but someone wrote the name
6th May 2005, 18:34   comments (2)

An evening in Old Town Alexandria

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Went to Old Town Alexandria with (from the left) Steve, Summer, Jeff,
Paul (my husband) and Neil. :) We had yummy seafood at The Fish Market
and then ice cream from a small ice creamery across the street.
6th May 2005, 18:34   comments (0)