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I'm just an average person living an average life. I eat, drink, work, sleep, repeat. What you will find here are the things that remind me that life is not always so average.

I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. I am a systems administrator/network engineer/whatever-they-want-me-to-be for a large government contracting company. I get to work in the city which is fantastic.

I love any kind of EDM as well as most rock, some pop and hiphop and r&b; (the latter three are a recent development thanks to XM Radio). I attend Northern Virginia Community College, usually one credit at a time. Otherwise I'd never sleep. I try to go out to Cubik every so often but again with the sleep.

I have a husband (Paul), a dog (Bonita), local family (Mom, Mama y Papa), and lots of distant family (some in Dallas, some in California, most in Spain). My husband and I are looking to move to Spain (moving BACK for him) come Summer/Fall of 2006.

Maybe I'm not so average after all...

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Omg lost

(viewed 455 times)
26th May 2005, 02:00   comments (1)

Dog sitting at work

(viewed 446 times)
25th May 2005, 21:15   comments (1)

Evening cuddle

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23rd May 2005, 01:54   comments (0)


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20th May 2005, 20:43   comments (0)

It's coming!

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What you can't read is that it's Verizon FIOS. :)
19th May 2005, 16:39   comments (0)

Kangal's Birthday!

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Jeff, Kangal and Paul discuss the details of the book "How to be a DJ". ;)
18th May 2005, 03:20   comments (0)

At the dog park!

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Today we were invited by Mac to go to the local dog park with him and his dog, Koda. Bonnie's the big dog with the short legs in the top left. Koda is a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel and she's in the lower left. They were both chasing after a very old terrier mix who's tail wagged the entire time he was there. It was lots of fun. :)
14th May 2005, 22:31   comments (0)

Mom got a new car!

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14th May 2005, 16:40   comments (1)