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I'm just an average person living an average life. I eat, drink, work, sleep, repeat. What you will find here are the things that remind me that life is not always so average.

I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. I am a systems administrator/network engineer/whatever-they-want-me-to-be for a large government contracting company. I get to work in the city which is fantastic.

I love any kind of EDM as well as most rock, some pop and hiphop and r&b; (the latter three are a recent development thanks to XM Radio). I attend Northern Virginia Community College, usually one credit at a time. Otherwise I'd never sleep. I try to go out to Cubik every so often but again with the sleep.

I have a husband (Paul), a dog (Bonita), local family (Mom, Mama y Papa), and lots of distant family (some in Dallas, some in California, most in Spain). My husband and I are looking to move to Spain (moving BACK for him) come Summer/Fall of 2006.

Maybe I'm not so average after all...

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Pieces of Snowmen

(viewed 340 times)
Outside of my office 2/2/05.
6th May 2005, 18:19   comments (0)

Clean car! :)

(viewed 399 times)
o/~ at the car wash! o/~
6th May 2005, 18:18   comments (0)

<3 packages

(viewed 372 times)
Yay for getting shipments from! Tomate frito,
chorizo, aceitunos con anchoa, jamon serrano (aged 18 months!),
manzanilla con anis y PERAS CON MUSCATEL!!!! *drools uncontrollably* I
love Spain.
6th May 2005, 18:18   comments (0)

Dinner at Five Guys

(viewed 405 times)
Mmm.. Burgers and fries!
6th May 2005, 18:17   comments (0)

Geekery at its finest.

(viewed 375 times)
Computer, laptop, TV, minifridge, and a Bonita!
6th May 2005, 18:17   comments (0)

Mission Accomplished!

(viewed 417 times)
Here's the new nifty case with lights and stuff and yay! :)
6th May 2005, 18:16   comments (0)

Work in Progress

(viewed 423 times)
I ordered various parts to finally build myself a computer. I've been
dealing with my POS Dell for 3 or 4 years. I hooked myself up with a
nice AMD Athlon XP 2700. The case I got has lights and shit. :P I
ordered a blue 500 watt power supply to match and I was excited to see
that my mobo is blue, too. The RAM came in RED. :) Anyhow, at this point
I've just got the power supply, mobo and cpu mounted with the lights
plugged in. On Saturday I'll be installing the video card, hard drive
and cd-rw. For the first time I'll be without a floppy! It's okay, I've
got 5 usb ports plus another two that came on a card with the mobo. :)
6th May 2005, 18:15   comments (0)


(viewed 474 times)
Sushi at Noveau East in Ballston Commons Mall.
6th May 2005, 18:15   comments (1)
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