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We know what you look like now, but what did you look like then. Share your pictures from the past here..

suggested by bronxelf

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7 yrs old

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I think collars just did that by themselves in the 70's

posted by anthonyallan

2nd Jun 2005, 22:41   comments (3)

1979 at 21 months

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I still love ice cream and have that dress in storage but the gold
flocked wallpaper is long gone.

posted by anathemad

28th May 2005, 13:19   comments (1)

Giftmas, 1990

(viewed 1605 times)
I have a better hat now.

posted by bronxelf

27th May 2005, 17:13   comments (8)


(viewed 1604 times)
kindergarten. :)

posted by sunnidae

27th May 2005, 15:37   comments (6)

Boo! (c. 1987?)

(viewed 2030 times)

posted by traed

27th May 2005, 15:04   comments (3)

From the era of Max Headroom--just not as cool.

(viewed 1747 times)
This is the one that started things off, right?[*]

posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

26th May 2005, 01:36   comments (12)

Prom photo.

(viewed 2201 times)
Okay. Here's the deal. I didnt have a date for my prom. I went
alone. They wouldn't let me take my photo alone. So my friend Deez
decided to help out so I'd have a photo. He's a good egg. :)
I still own the dress. It still fits. I still wear it.

posted by bronxelf

25th May 2005, 00:42   comments (15)

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair!

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Because I know this one will amuse sallypnut. This was back in my big
hair days as well. I was doing public education with National Parks and
going to schools that week, hence the kids.

posted by Geodyne

24th May 2005, 23:12   comments (4)