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We know what you look like now, but what did you look like then. Share your pictures from the past here..

suggested by bronxelf

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And I'm just as cute today.

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posted by Groovicron

29th Jun 2005, 09:47   comments (5)

Cola, early sixties

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She got this off her Mum this week, soooo strange!

posted by JokerXL

10th Jun 2005, 22:17   comments (3)

AutumnCat through the years

(viewed 1927 times)
Great idea, Bronxelf!

posted by autumncat

10th Jun 2005, 01:52   comments (1)

Little Kos

(viewed 1995 times)
This may explain why I hate christmas hats.

posted by kostika

9th Jun 2005, 22:46   comments (0)

small lefty child

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Me with my dad, marching against thatcherism...posted by kel
8th Jun 2005, 15:51   comments (5)

Little Remo

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posted by Dude

4th Jun 2005, 14:46   comments (1)

2001, maryland renaissance festival

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The only time I've ever had blue hair ...

posted by sunnidae

4th Jun 2005, 03:38   comments (2)

Age 4

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That's me on the right, with my next door neighbor Jared. He is the boy who
later taught me how to curse and caused me to have to wear an eye patch for
a month.

posted by amandarin

3rd Jun 2005, 06:28   comments (6)