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We know what you look like now, but what did you look like then. Share your pictures from the past here..

suggested by bronxelf

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Hello from 1990

(viewed 1390 times)

Posted by Tori

5th Dec 2006, 16:14   comments (10)

Gerry & Janice Get Married

(viewed 1346 times)
October 13, 1990

Posted by autumncat

5th Dec 2006, 04:26   comments (9)


(viewed 1385 times)
That's me about to get on a plane at Gatwick 14 years ago and become a nanny
in America. Check out the cassette carrier, the walkman headphones and cover
for an old school camera I'm holding...not to mention the clothes! The
second shot is taken a few months after I'd settled in with the youngest of
the three kids on my lap. She'll be 16 in a few weeks!

Posted by sharonthebaron

29th Sep 2006, 14:11   comments (1)

80's Much?!?!

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This is a shot of one of my friends & fraternity brothers in my dorm room.
Scott & I - 1986/87I miss him and still wonder where he is these days.

Posted by autumncat

12th Jul 2006, 00:45   comments (0)

Me, circa Christmas 1986

(viewed 1264 times)
I look even less like this now.

Posted by rikaitch

27th May 2006, 00:05   comments (1)

Me as a kid - JudgeTredd

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There's one of me now in a similar boat at the same place on my moblog!
How's that for a coincidence...

Posted by JudgeTredd

26th May 2006, 23:43   comments (5)

Before and After

(viewed 1361 times)
Is it really that bad?!

Posted by goode

9th Mar 2006, 14:09   comments (8)

frog51 - 13 years ago

(viewed 2125 times)
And sans tattoos:-)

Posted by frog51