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We know what you look like now, but what did you look like then. Share your pictures from the past here..

suggested by bronxelf

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I was a small child.

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posted by bronxelf

24th May 2005, 17:57   comments (13)

Junior Prom, 1987

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I love how I'm trying to look all serious and the
pinkest, sparkliest ensemble ever. Even my shoes were sparkly.

posted by sallypnut

24th May 2005, 17:37   comments (4)

Bridesmaids circa 1985

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posted by Helen

24th May 2005, 00:08   comments (7)

Tiny pnut

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posted by sallypnut

23rd May 2005, 23:41   comments (7)

North Queensland, a very very long time ago

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Complete with genuine "my skin isn't made for this" Nth Qld sunburn. As
for the clothes....well, it was the 80s. And we lived in the pool.

posted by Geodyne

23rd May 2005, 22:56   comments (5)

warp and weft

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Weaving wool onto bits of card - worthy of the front page of the village paper, circa 1984, aged 9

(I'm at the front, in the middle)

(every other expression on the faces of my fellow students is a perfect representation of the characters they would continue to develop)

posted by eversion

23rd May 2005, 22:26   comments (1)

everything that was wrong with the 70's

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23rd May 2005, 22:01   comments (6)


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23rd May 2005, 21:57   comments (2)