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We know what you look like now, but what did you look like then. Share your pictures from the past here..

suggested by bronxelf

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Mara: Indus River '86

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I've looked back at these images yesterday, this has been taken in the same year of the one of Caine.
it was my first time in India.

Posted by mara

25th Sep 2009, 09:11   | tags:,,comments (6)

Caine Rick '86

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23 years ago, 1986. We'd been married 8 whole years back then. :D I was 28 and Rick was 32. The dog was our wonderful little Michelle, who lived to 18 years old.

Posted by Caine

24th Sep 2009, 20:15   comments (12)

'77 Caine

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This would be in December of 1977. I had turned 20 just that November. Left to Right: Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother and me in the front. Gad, 31 years ago.

Posted by Caine

24th Sep 2009, 05:01   comments (14)

Bride and Groom

(viewed 2094 times)
several decades ago

Posted by Factotum

24th Sep 2009, 03:03   comments (7)

me in the '60

(viewed 3051 times)

Posted by mara

3rd Oct 2008, 10:01   comments (0)

Moi! 1973?

(viewed 2882 times)

Posted by Stephane

20th Sep 2008, 13:53   comments (0)

New beginning.

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The first picture of me (and my mum) after leaving East Berlin in 1984. I was one and a half. It was quite an emotional moment as those were our first holidays in "freedom" (after my parents had to leave familiy, friends and belongings behind). I even started walking there (i was a tiny bit late with that...).

Posted by Judo-Jule

5th Sep 2008, 12:59   comments (2)

April '96

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When I was in secondary school I had a best best friend called Jess, we did
most things together. I went to my first gig with her , got drunk with her
(lots), slept over at each others houses and got intro lots of trouble
together and in my last year of school fell out with her, over, of all
things a boy!

A few months ago I bumped into her on a bus and we nodded at each other and
carried on our way. A few days later a message appears via Facebook, we meet
up for a drink and find we still have much in common and have stayed in
touch since.

It's nice being back in touch with Jess,

We've had a lot of catching up and reminiscing to do and she turned up here
the other day with this photo. I have no recollection of this picture being
taken and all I can think about when I see it is not "How sweet she kept it"
not "oh those were the days" but...

"OMFG what did I think I looked like in those John Lennon glasses" and "Man
I had a good taste in music even back then"

Posted by Essitam

14th Aug 2008, 21:24   comments (3)
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