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In May, I'm taking one photo a day. It will appear here.

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Frank supports England

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Frank, our window cleaner, gets patriotic.
31st May 2006, 10:14   comments (0)

and then...

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we wandered from Highgate to the old Crouch End station, which no
longer exist, but it's a nice country walk. Annoyingly for us, it had
poured down earlier in the day, so most of it was a mud bath. Despite
slipping four times, I didn't actually slip over. Thank god for my
brolly. This picture is the platform at Crouch End - long abandoned.
29th May 2006, 23:42   comments (0)

lagging behind

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it's because my life is a big non-event at the moment, made of
tidying things. At the weekend I went to St John's Wood Tube Station,
and it was pretty cool. Everything seemed to be a bronze metal
finish, which looks much nicer than most Tube Stations in London.
29th May 2006, 23:40   comments (0)

and lastly

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I just liked this.. we drove over Putney Bridge and all the lights
went blurry and pretty, so I took a photo.
25th May 2006, 14:50   comments (0)


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Neko Case played last night and was wonderful. We had prime seats,
and I forgot my proper camera - booo. Still, I took a couple of weak
attempts. The stage lighting was so pretty too
25th May 2006, 14:48   comments (0)

bringing the backlog up to date

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Firstly, this is what the stamp does to the sleeves, it looks quite
nice, actually...
25th May 2006, 14:46   comments (2)

What I did today

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stamped up lots of plain 7" sleeves with this today. Nice blood red.
The stamp pads were so small, I had to rub them on the stamp, then
hit really hard on the other side, to make sure that the ink went
through on all of the stamp. Most of the time it worked...
22nd May 2006, 22:13   comments (6)

football and tea

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as I am an unofficial official Barcelona supporter for the next 90
minutes or so, I'm kind of happy that the scum are down to 10 men,
and sound nasty, I'm hoping at some point they may well be down to
one man. Bwhaahah. In commemoration of the beautiful game, here's a
photo of my new mug, which we got free with some teabags. We're World
Cup Crazy here!Oh. Campbell scored. Booooooooo.
17th May 2006, 20:21   comments (0)
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