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Welcome to The Reveals moblog...

We will be posting photos here of us on tour, backstage, out and about and anything else really.

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Band Info: Indie band from Brighton formed in 2003 by Ben Bodoano. No bullshit, no pretence, just good honest song-writing set against an electrifying backdrop. Following in the footsteps of bands like The Who, The Jam and Oasis the soundscape created has a distinct English quality anchored by a raw, unique vocal. Ye ye ye, what a band!

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For An Easter Egg Hunt With Chas 'N' Dave

Bonjour Mon Amis. Zoot Allures!

Are you enjoying the festive period of egg that is Easter? I hope you havent ate tooooo much chocolate, but hey there is always one who eats too much! I am currently tucking into a lovely Cadbury's mini egg Easter egg, and currently drinking tea from the mug that came with it. That's Rock 'n' Roll for you. Fascinating stuff!

Big thank yous to anyone who came to our recent gigs at The LSE in London, and The Freebutt and Hector's House in Brighton. Personally, last night's gig at Hector's House was the highlight out of all three, with Ben getting into true showmanship launching himself out into the audience, and standing on the tables (you could of got us a pint while you were out there Ben). Also, if anyone missing a ring from that night, they have it behind the bar! The LSE gig was also enjoyable with a nice chat with Neil 'Razor' Ruddock (footballer for nearly everyone) after the show. The Freebutt show t��was also good as I received a free pair of sunglasses and t-shirt from the Norwich band 'Rosalita' (thank you kindly young sir's). I believe some pictures from all three of these gigs will be making their way on myspace soon, so if you fancy reminiscing about these nights, keep yer eyes peeled my good friend (I've never really got the phrase 'keep your eyes peeled', surely that means slicing up your eyeballs, yah?).

Our new opening track appears to be going down well at the moment, so if you haven't caught it at a gig yet get down to your nearest gig (that means anyone from York should come down to London for example).

In other reveals news, it appears that we should be supporting Chas 'n' Dave at a secret venue sometime this summer. I'll let you know more about this as we go on!

One final thing to say HAPPY EASTER ONE 'N' ALL!

Mick, B, Jim, Rob


Pictures thanks to Melita Dennet and Simon Hanning

Revealios Gigaroo Review - Freebutt Brighton March 2008

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March evenings are pretty cold this year and it was St.
Patrick's day, so I'm going to attribute these factors to the quite frankly
rubbish attendance at The Reveals, or Los Revealios, if you will, gig last
week. For all of you who missed it, here are a few personal highlights.
The Freebutt doesn't boast the most welcoming image in
Brighton, as you enter the venue through an unmarked black door into a simply
adorned (i.e. not at all), bar area, however I instantly felt more at home when
I spied a massive (well, reasonably large) Brothers Cider beer mat on the bar.
I believe it is now Mike's ambition to acquire this.
I watched The Reveals set sitting on a bar stool in the
middle of the room. Can't say I've ever watched a gig quite in that fashion
before, but I enjoyed it. Ben and Mike looked excellent in their matching
shoes, James (cardigan king) was sporting a nice little brown number and Rob
seemed pretty pleased with his new t-shirt if I recall. They do make an
attractive bunch. As for the music, which should probably be the focus of this,
a mixture of old and new tunes were thrown out there. I like their new stuff in
particular, although my current favourite is an oldie: 'Above and Below', which
was played, so I was happy. Mike was noticeably stiller on stage than is usual;
no windmills that night. I say run around Mike, if that's how you feel, you
always entertain me. Ben during one song (I forget which one he said) didn't
get enough air and started seeing spots. Although I reckon it would make an
interesting action shot to catch him falling, it probably isn't worth the pain.
I was however oblivious to this dilemma, so nicely recovered from Ben. Rob has
a great drumming face; it's basically one big smile and the recent addition of
a keyboard (played by James) into the musical jamboree works well. It looks
even better when it has the coolest of cool sunglasses balanced on it. To summarise, The Freebutt is possibly the loudest place on
earth and I went home with a nice ringing sound playing about in my head. A
sign of an evening well spent I like to think.


Picture by Melita Dennet -

The Reveals @ The Beach Club, Brighton, Nov 2007

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The Reveals at The Marquee, Leicester Square, London. 29/08/07

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Pictures by James Stanier -

The Reveals @ Junction, York

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Photo by Nick

The Reveals Live at The Dublin Castle, Camden London

(viewed 4012 times)

Gig at The Junction in York on 12th July '07

(viewed 1803 times)
Photos taken by Rob Teasdale -

Backstage at Gazastock

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