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A Bunny's Tale on Marriage, Motherhood, and Domestic Bliss

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Boys and I love Easter and we are planning on getting a lot of fun things done this weekend so we are ready next Sunday for our Easter Egg Hunt. My husband Josh is going to uncover the pool and my older sons Sam and Teddy want to help him and just hang out ride bikes and have some friends over. Our little guy, Oliver (he is four) wants to play with our 3 Bunnies and spend time in his playground in our backyard.

We have a beautiful tent that is really a gazebo that we put each Spring, it is a few steps from our Pergola and the area is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of flowers for a good 6 months a year. We spend April through October entertaining and just basically "living" outdoors. We set up a lot of different rooms and gardens throughout our property which consists of 5 acres.

We have everything from a childrens pumpkin patch garden to a formal rose garden. Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with gardening and the outdoors. Maybe it is because I am a Virgo the Earth sign, who knows?? My grandmother, Margaret was English and loved to garden and my grandmother, Carmella was Italian and the best baker in the world. I definately feel I got a lot of my creativity from these two women. They were both stylish and interesting and loved being with their family more than anything in the world.

The holidays always bring back these wonderful memories and this time of the year I can still remember the smell of the hyacinths and fresh baked Easter bread and remember being greated at the door with a delicious glass of sangria. We now make our own wonderful memories for our boys. So we'll get the pool open tomorrow and the tent up and the bunnies ready for the great Easter Egg Hunt we have planned next Sunday.

Here is our Easter menu for any of you who want some ideas and if anyone has a great cocktail idea to share please do!! I'm thinking bloody mary's but I also want something sparkly!!!

please view our Easter slide show on our lifestyle magazine on our party planning page









Posted by michele at 6:45 AM
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A BUNNY'S TALE ON MARRIAGE MOTHERHOOD AND DOMESTIC BLISS. My husband and close friends call me Bunny. My blog is about "Bunny's Tales" of all things domestic. I am a party planner/designer, writer and have an online lifestyle magazine. I live with my husband and our three sons in our 200 year old historic farmhouse. This is where I care for my children, work on my party planning and design business and get creative. I also teach classes here on travel and entertaining ideas from around the world. I give talks at local organizations and have written three books. my website is an online monthly lifestyle magazine with many wonderful topics, articles, pictures, videos and information.
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i'm done watching this


My home office was cluttered and hard to get around in. The design was pretty and didn't need to be changed but it needed to be made more functional, after all I work out of my house and need to be "happy" in this room. Now, without spending one cent the room looks gorgeous and new. I can't wait to get up in the morning and get my coffee and check my e-mails. I like it so much I'm finding it harder and harder to leave. You can re- think a room and re-do it by just moving furniture around and changing the layout. It feels brand new and you didn't have to spend any money. Now even my oldest dog, Maggie can fit in here better and hang out with me and my four year old son. My dog sleeps, my son plays with his toys and I can write an article or two!! Now that is a happy environment to work in.

Intuitive cooking from the farmers market

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Intuitive Cooking From the Farmer’s Market
Posted by Michele Rosenthal April 2, 2009

Recently, I vacationed in sunny Palm Beach Florida where there is an abundance of fresh produce, delicious berries and other fruits and wonderful seafood. We have a great farmer’s market close to our condo in Delray Beach that is filled with more than just delectable produce. You can go there without a menu planned for your evening meal and no grocery list in hand and leave ready and able to create a delicious dinner. I love to go out to dinner with my husband and three sons when we travel because that is where I get the vast majority of my inspiration for new recipes. However, there are times when we don’t feel like it after a long day on the beach in the hot sun. On those days, we would rather eat out on our balcony.

On those days, we head off to the aforementioned farmer’s market, where I let the fresh ingredients inspire my cooking for the evening. We stroll around with our shopping cart, seeing what looks good and tasty. Fresh tuna and green beans? That’s a tuna nicoise salad!

We use the same method to find dessert foods as well. On this recent trip, I passed by strawberries that were just picked next door. I did a double take — not because of the visual but because of the heavenly sweet fragrance that wafted from the stand. There was no way I was leaving there without those berries and the juicy, fat blackberries sitting next to them.

Now for me I could be a very happy lady just eating those berries after dinner, but I wanted to make a quick dessert that would dazzle my husband. Well, in life some things are just meant to be, and that was so that day when I spied packets of pre-cooked crepes from France. Crafted by Terroirs d’Antan and imported from Bretagne, the package cost $5.99 for 12 preservative-free crepes. Prior to that, I’d never purchased pre-cooked crepes since I enjoy making them at home. However, I decided to give those a try. After all, they are from France, how bad could they be? So with berries and crepes in hand, I searched for some mascarpone cheese to turn the ingredients into a gourmet dessert.

Shopping at a well-appointed farmer’s market can really be this simple. Look for the freshest ingredients, let your mind wander to combinations and possibilities and then make it happen at home. Dinners and desserts with fresh ingredients needn’t be complicated or time consuming.

On the evening in question, I did make a quick tuna salad nicoise that I served with a delicious dressing and some crusty bread. For dessert, it was crepes au fruits avec fromage. My husband declared it a perfect ten. The crepes were very good and this only took minutes. The next evening I used more of the crepes to make crepes bananas in a butter rum sugar sauce that was also very good.

Crepes au Fruits avec Fromage

1 cup of Mascapone cheese
1/4 cup sugar plus a pinch, divided
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons Cassis liquors
1/2 cup good quality jam (I used black currant preserves)
Strawberries and blackberries, I used 1 cup of each

Whip together the mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla. Set aside.

Combine preserves, Cassis liquors and a pinch of sugar in a pan and cook until combined. Add a handful of strawberries and blackberries (depending on how many crepes your are serving, you may want to add more or less berries). Stir over heat until the berries burst, releasing their juices. Let cool.

Spread a generous amount of the mascarpone cheese mixture on top of each crepe. Then spoon cooled (or warm, however you like it) berry mixture on top and fold crepe over. If desired, dust with powdered sugar and garnish with a sprig of mint. Serve immediately.
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April 2nd, 2009
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Easter Bunny Cake

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Pool Cake
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The Paris House tips for traveling with children

(viewed 1468 times)
Traveling with your children: Get some great tips!
Travel is something my family and I love. I have taken the occasional trip alone without them or alone with my husband. All of my travels offer wonderful experiences, a wealth of cultural education, a great surplus of products and creativity for my business. But Hands down my favorite way to travel is always with my husband and our three sons, and if we are really lucky my parents come along too! These make for the best memories and experiences. Whether we are hundreds of feet up in the air soaring on a zip line in the rain forest in Costa Rica, having lunch at a local bookstore in Vermont, Espresso in Venice, or simply strolling through Little Italy in Boston on our way to Mike's Bakery for cannolis we are all together and making memories from all these amazing trips that we are fortunate to experience as a family. I am usually a bit confused when I hear people seem a bit overwhelmed at the thought of travelingwith children. For us it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. Near or far I am always up for an adventure with my Boys! Here a few of my tips for travelingsuccessfully with the kids.

Michele's Top Ten Tips on Traveling with your Children:

• Start as soon as your pediatrician gives you the ok to fly ( if it is a road trip , be on your way as soon as you are healed from your delivery) I got the ok to fly when my babies were around 2 ½ months old and then we were off to some place in the world. We have done this with all three of our kids and have never stopped traveling.

• Pack and carry on all medicine, just in case

• Always pack a change of clothes for your infant in case they wet through their diapers

• Nurse or give a bottle during the takeoff and landing so their ears don't hurt

• Bring snacks for all of you, airplane food is not too enticing and you all will be comforted by the foods you like eating

• Keep them well hydrated, planes are often a very easy way to get sick

• Bring lots of baby wipes and hand sanitizer

• I always bring toys and teething rings for babies

• Bring a DVD player and videos to make long haul flights pass faster

• Try and avoid a layover whenever possible so the kids can sleep undisturbed

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Super easy one pot chicken dish
Chicken with spinach, mushrooms, gruyere cheese in a creamy sauce with rice. I created this super fast recipe when my first child was born, I was nursing and needing to eat well but I had no time and no help. I still make it 15 years later and everyone who eats it asks for the recipe. It is basic, good and quick for the nights when you don't have time to do the gourmet thing. ( skip or hide the mushrooms if your kids don't like them)


chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
a few bunches of cleaned preferrably organic spinach
golden or creamy mushroom soup
organic whole milk
gruyere cheese, some cheddar and parmesean


I pre make brown rice to add fiber to this dish. Layer the rice on the bottom of a casserole pan. Top with chicken breasts, boneless and skinless, season them with salt and pepper.
Top chicken with a few bunches of cleaned preferrably organic spinach. I usually sprinkle the top of the spinach with a little more salt and pepper and garlic powder.
Add some cut up mushrooms if you like. I then take a can of golden or creamy mushroom soup and mix it with one can of organic whole milk and pour it over the top of the casserole and top with gruyere cheese and I also usually add some cheddar and parmesean to make it delicious and cheesy.
Bake in 375 degree oven until golden and bubbly. It is so quick and easy. if you don't have time for the rice you can skip it.

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Easter at the Paris House

Spring Is In The Air at The Paris House Designs. Enjoy our Easter photos. We like to combine a candy shop from Paris with the local farms in our area for our Easter decor inspiration!!