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Welcome to the mobile blog of The Indigo! Here you'll find occasional updates of our journey towards even better tomorrow. This moblog was initially started when we recorded our Wait -EP in a house located in Northern Central Finland in June-August 2007. The EP was released on April 25th and the latest updates are from the band's EP-promoting mini-tour of Finland!

To listen to (and buy!) the songs on Wait -EP, visit our homepage:

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The brave return

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A very fun trip is about to end, and some of us are already taking back some sleep. It's been a long ride today, 7 h. For the first four hours we amused ourselves with a classic: "name a band starting with the letter.." The rest was naturally filled with witty humour, civilized behaviour and casual chit-chat. Thank You dear readers, The Indigo's mini-tour of Finland is concluded! Over and out!
27th Apr 2008, 16:44   comments (0)

Beautiful sunblock

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Janne got sick and tired of the sun shining in his eyes and constructed this handy sunshade in the window,using only duct tape and an old tabloid magazine. He's like a some kind of perverted McGyver,isn't he?
27th Apr 2008, 10:50   comments (0)


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And here we go. Tupsu was great, as usual. The audience was listening and it was a real pleasure to play. Our caravan started it's journey at approx 11 AM. Not bad, this means that Lauri has a chance of being home within the same day. Only 800km to go:-)
27th Apr 2008, 10:33   comments (0)

Relaxing after soundcheck

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Everything is ready in Pub Tupsu and it's time to relax and get ready for tonight's show. Going to rock the house!
26th Apr 2008, 20:02   comments (0)


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It's a beautiful day... The sun is shining and the boys are on the road and heading north. As the urban caravan kept moving the guys amused themselves with Tapsa's acoustic guitar. A great time for checking out new songs. And perhaps a few beers :)
26th Apr 2008, 19:50   comments (0)

Smells and leakages?

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The smell of burning rubber filled up our tour bus, and there seemed to be some sort of odd leakage from the cooler...exciting...? Our driver Make and rest of the guys are checking out the situation. The voyage continues!
25th Apr 2008, 16:04   comments (0)

one step closer

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Well hello there folks! Have you heard the story about Minnie The Moocher, or perhaps Larry The Looter? Well, who cares. Today was the day that The Indigo got together to sing backing vocals for their upcoming EP. Lauri sang for a whopping eight hours before he ran out of breath. Luckily he did his deeds before passing out :) But what happened afterwards? Well take a wild guess. The band finished for the day and headed for a local pizza-shack and to get some beer. Right now we're talking about how great a band we are. So what's new in the Western front? Nothing I tell you!
4th Jan 2008, 22:56   comments (0)

Day 15

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And the award for the best looking band goes to... Not for these hard drinkin', arse sweatin' chaps! Well, looks aren't everything. The guys were relatively pleased with Lauri's playing, guess the poor bugger will get to live after all :) The moblog will be laid to rest for awhile, because the other instruments and vocals can be recorded in somewhat more urban environment. But stay tuned dear readers, The Indigo will return with more tales of you know what...
26th Jul 2007, 23:13   comments (0)
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