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Motacilla alba

Posted by Dania

28th Sep 2010, 20:47   comments (0)

Flycatchers doing their thing, #2

1. Spotted Flycatcher spots a snack.

2. Takes off.

3. Chases fly (that tiny black spot on the upper left corner... can you see it?).

4. Flies around some more.

5. Comes back with a Cabbage Butterfly and eats it.

Posted by Dania

Flycatchers doing their thing, #1

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Spotted Flycatchers.

You can actually see the fly in the second shot! I'm pretty sure its life ended there, though.

Posted by Dania

Spotted Flycatcher

I know, it's not exactly a colorful bird and the plumage is definitely not impressive, but bird watchers love them and so do I. Probably because they have such a curious behavior and are so easy to spot. Usually hunting from a conspicuous perch, they sally after passing insects and quickly return to the same perch. Always to the same perch. They're predictable.

Here, in southwestern Europe, they're only seen around for a short period of time. They arrive in late August and in a couple of months they go away to winter in Africa. But while they're here, I'll keep watching and shooting them, so expect more pictures. :)

Posted by Dania

Beach birds

Seagulls and a Little Egret.

Posted by Dania

2nd Sep 2010, 15:53   comments (0)


I was lucky enough to find this beauty hunting for insects on the bean plants today. It was so tame and had such a gorgeous plumage. Made my day. :)

Posted by Dania

23rd Aug 2010, 17:37   comments (2)


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Posted by Dania

17th Aug 2010, 22:25   | tags:comments (2)

From the House

My feeders were visited the other day by a Black-headed Grosbeak female. This was a first for me. I couldn't resist a shot of the little nuthatch. They are so tame here.

This afternoon, I looked out my back window and saw a bald eagle circling overhead. Suddenly, my 300mm lens was inadequate.

There's a place near here where the eagles hang out. I've got to get myself over there one of these days.

Posted by Katbird

13th Aug 2010, 01:03   | tags:,,comments (2)