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European Serin

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Last month, on a sunny autumn day.

Posted by Dania

3rd Dec 2011, 21:54   comments (4)


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Posted by Dania

27th Nov 2011, 22:17   | tags:,comments (2)

They're back! :)

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Yesterday I spotted my first, um, Spotted Flycatcher of the season. Being autumn passage migrants on their way to Africa, they never stay for long, so I'm kinda excited to have them back.

Well, yeah, they may not have a colourful and exuberant plumage like so many other birds, but I love them anyways. They're cute, photogenic and, most importantly, predictable - that means they're easy to catch in flight. That's my goal for the next two months or so... to try to do better than last year. :)

Posted by Dania

Singing His Little Heart Out

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Black Redstart

Posted by Dania

4th Aug 2011, 22:54   | tags:,,comments (5)

A Little Wren

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Posted by Dania

24th Jul 2011, 23:12   | tags:,comments (2)


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Not the best quality, I admit, but I just wanted to share this bird sighting.

Very inconspicuous bird due to its camouflage and quiet call, but lovely nonetheless.

Posted by Dania

22nd Jul 2011, 22:20   | tags:,comments (4)

White Wagtail

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Posted by Dania

18th Jan 2011, 00:25   comments (9)


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Definitely the most frequent visitor on my recently installed bird feeder, and the only I was able to photograph so far. I've been seeing and hearing this beautiful bird around a lot lately.

Posted by Dania

17th Jan 2011, 23:41   comments (0)