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Was it snakes? That would surely cause terror panic if they were loose on a plane. Unless Samuel L Jackson was on board.

Bargain of the Day

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13th Aug 2006, 23:46   | tags:,comments (10)

Spelling is futile

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13th Aug 2006, 23:37   | tags:,comments (2)

A Giraffe and a Spitfire

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and Elvis

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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Yesterday I went on a quick look around the newly re-opened Kelvingrove. (Pictured here: some unidentified busts, the obigatory heads photo, and the organ)

A lot of it seems much like 'museum-lite' the labels are all written in very simple language, and it seems very dumbed down. Reading their explanation of it puts it into a bit more context, though. As someone who doesn't know a lot about art, though, it's good to have interpretations for just about everything on display; it just seemed like the museum bits were stating the obvious a little.

But as with any Victorian public building, it's lovely just wandering around and enjoying the building itself - all big and airy and sandstoney.

Yin: still here

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Yin is often here. He tags this bus shelter, then someone comes and cleans it off.

I'm not sure if he tags any other places, or just here. He's persistent, if nothing else.
13th Aug 2006, 22:13   | tags:,,,,comments (3)

From the department of 'I wish I had a better camera'.

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I was driving over the Kingston Bridge this evening and saw a lovely sunset over the Clyde - the sky around the horizon was a brilliant electric pink.

By the time I'd parked somewhere to get a good view of it, the sun had gone down a little bit more, but there was still a great colour in the sky.

(So if I had a nice shiny camera with a proper zoom, I'd have a lovely shot of the cranes silhouetted against the pink sky. I'm afraid you'll just have to make do with these...)

Elephant man

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I'd heard this story a while ago, but didn't have anything to back it
up. But now I've seen it in the Sunday Mail, so it must be true.