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I'm a mobile marketing specialist who also happens to be interested in fashion, art, music, blogging, shopping, interesting people blah blah blah.

I write a blog about mobile marketing over at My business website is at (BeepMarketing is a mobile marketing agency).

ThanQ for looking at my moblog.

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The end of the road

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In Dubai in the desert.
I now know what the term 'the end of the road' means.

sunrise on the beach at Barcelona

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It was a great night out - dinner, drinks, party, club, party, breakfast and
watching sunrise on the beach. I might add, it was very very cold at that
time in the morning by the water. But it was the highlight of my trip to

these are not mine

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These really are *not* mine. I found them in the ladies loos at one of the
parties at 3GSM Barcelona a couple of weeks back. The party was hosted by a
small Finnish company focussed on mobile usability. Not sure what this says
about them though!

More of the plant in a phone box

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Yes, that is a massive yucca plant in a phone box in Central London for no good reason I can think of.

Plant in a phone box

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Great Titchfield Street, London Town. Friday, 5 o'clock.
And there's a massive plant in a phone box.
What's that all about then?!

The 118118 choir

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Oxford Circus last Saturday afternoon and the 118118 choir were in full
force singing their hearts out.

Oh to be 14 again!

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Can you spot a family resemblance?
6th Jan 2006, 20:49   comments (1)

My new Nokia N70 arrived today

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Guess what I'll be doing this weekend...! Yup, I'll be playing with my new toy and getting used to the Nokia interface. I'm a Sony Ericsson girl really, but this time round, Nokia had the best handset available. And it didn't cost me anything to upgrade. Go t-mobile!