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Hi! This is the page of the finest team in this years ramshackle rally, '664 the Neighbour of the Beast'!

If you're thinking this looks like a thinly disguised excuse for a bunch of guys to get trolleyed up Gumball/Cannonball Run style through Europe, frankly, you're half right. We have a vehicle that cost us a princely sum of £120 and are one of 115 teams each with their own theme competing in this year's Dover-Valencia Ramshackle Rally. (

We've pimped our ride up in a Tiger style, and will be wearing 'Safari Hunter' outfits, so now all we have to do is drive this thing to Valencia. Sound too easy?

That's Spain...via France, Italy and Monaco! It's over 1,500 miles with a few obstacles between us and the chequered flag such as, The Alps, Border Patrols, Lee's driving and a fair bit of Cabin Fever, not to mention having to sell a kidney or two on the way to pay for petrol... Oh, and did anyone mention the 'daily challenges' we have to do on the way? Whatever they are?!

Anyway, rather than just have drunken mindless fun at the stopover parties, we're also raising some money for the Anthony Nolan Trust, who do fantastic work providing donors for people in need of bone marrow transplants (as well as research into these transplants), so if you haven't already, please visit and give generously (remember to tick the Gift Aid Box).

To follow our progress, revisit this page frequently between Thu 20th and Tue 25th August, for live updates on who's just let one off in the car, or who's fallen over drunk first, or even if we made it to our daily location.

Jas (Brains), Dan (Danimal), Wayne (Slugger) & Lee (Rod Street)

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1 day to go....

(viewed 235 times)
The car under wraps and ready for tomorrow's departure!
19th Aug 2009, 18:59   comments (0)

The car. By Laura Carter aged 24

(viewed 374 times)
A fine iPhone drawing of 'The Beast'.
19th Aug 2009, 11:25   comments (3)

The finished product !

(viewed 351 times)
Here it is, in all it's glory!

1 tiger car. What more can I say, but we were all pleased with the result. Damn, it's bright!
2nd Jul 2009, 20:19   comments (1)

Time to decorate the car !

A whole weekend spent preparing the car. Well, we did find time for obscene amounts of alcohol, plus some air rifle shooting and poker too.
2nd Jul 2009, 20:10   comments (2)

The car! Pre paint-job

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Here's the car as we bought it. It's a 1993 Mondeo 1.8 GLX. Only £120! (Nice find Dan!) MOT till end of the year, and amazingly it's only done 65k miles, and isn't in too bad condition, apart from the inside (used by a builder - think he mixed cement in there by the looks of it). You've got to love those Albanian cleaners who did the inside and out, when they charge a £10 fixed rate I bet a few albanian swear words were mumbled when our car turned up!

So a few quid spent on tidying it up and getting everything working properly and we have a great motor!
2nd Jul 2009, 20:03   comments (0)
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