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Hi! This is the page of the finest team in this years ramshackle rally, '664 the Neighbour of the Beast'!

If you're thinking this looks like a thinly disguised excuse for a bunch of guys to get trolleyed up Gumball/Cannonball Run style through Europe, frankly, you're half right. We have a vehicle that cost us a princely sum of £120 and are one of 115 teams each with their own theme competing in this year's Dover-Valencia Ramshackle Rally. (

We've pimped our ride up in a Tiger style, and will be wearing 'Safari Hunter' outfits, so now all we have to do is drive this thing to Valencia. Sound too easy?

That's Spain...via France, Italy and Monaco! It's over 1,500 miles with a few obstacles between us and the chequered flag such as, The Alps, Border Patrols, Lee's driving and a fair bit of Cabin Fever, not to mention having to sell a kidney or two on the way to pay for petrol... Oh, and did anyone mention the 'daily challenges' we have to do on the way? Whatever they are?!

Anyway, rather than just have drunken mindless fun at the stopover parties, we're also raising some money for the Anthony Nolan Trust, who do fantastic work providing donors for people in need of bone marrow transplants (as well as research into these transplants), so if you haven't already, please visit and give generously (remember to tick the Gift Aid Box).

To follow our progress, revisit this page frequently between Thu 20th and Tue 25th August, for live updates on who's just let one off in the car, or who's fallen over drunk first, or even if we made it to our daily location.

Jas (Brains), Dan (Danimal), Wayne (Slugger) & Lee (Rod Street)

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View over Cerbere

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24th Aug 2009, 08:51   comments (1)

Approaching the Spanish border

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On the way up to the Spanish border from France just after leaving Cerbere.
24th Aug 2009, 08:51   comments (0)

Final Day: Perpignan to Valencia

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Well here we are on our last day, and the last leg of our journey. We've just left the registration point, loaded up with (hopefully) our last tank of fuel, and are headed down the coast road towards the Pyranees and some great scenery and exciting roads.

Todays challenge is some sort of crazy sudoku password, which Dan is currently working on. It seems quite tame in comparison to the others but at least one we have a chance of scoring highly on!
24th Aug 2009, 08:42   comments (1)


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How's this for a view from our hotel room's balcony :o)
23rd Aug 2009, 19:42   comments (1)

Leaving San Remo, driving to Monaco, lunch in Frejus

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This morning saw yet another early start. We left the hotel (hotel maria - beautiful old hotel with loads of character) at just after 8. We left the start point in convoy with 3 other teams (lego car, molehill car and apocolypse now car), and drove the scenic coastal route to Monaco. Driving through the small towns resulted in lots of waves, even a friendly comment from an Italian policeman (now who said they wasn't friendly?!)

We arrived in Monaco with a bang, plenty of waves, car horns, and people taking pictures. There's some lovely cars in monaco, a highlight was a black Ferrari Enzo. But even though the Enzo is worth over a million quid, our 120 quid car got the attention!

So after a quick cruise, we parked up in a car park by the harbour (which incidently is used as the pits in the grand prix) for a quick photo opportunity. Quite a lot more teams turned up, resulting in a mini car show, and a lot of tourists (and locals) coming over for a chat and to take pics. We even had a journalist from the local paper (who rushed home to get his camera!), we are featuring in tomorrows paper and on their website! (will post link later) .

A lap of the f1 circuit followed, with a large procession of cars. All i can say is it was amazing, totally hilarious, and the reception we had in Monaco was fabulous, very welcoming.

Some more coast roads followed, then lunch in a seaside town called Frejus. We found a restaurant on the seafront where the owner kindly put the formula 1 race on for us (result, they had a 60" plasma!), so a few beers (not for the driver!), plus a huge steak later, we set off again for Perpignan (where i'm currently typing this message as slugger drives). Eta for Perpignan is 8pm, and we're determined to go for a swim in the sea some point tonight, before or after the meet-up, which is somewhere on the seafront.

Tomorrow sees us driving the last leg of the rally, from Perpignan to Valencia, with lots of mountain driving through the Pyranees. So expect lots of pictures tomorrow. When we find a wifi spot we'll upload some from today, we managed to get loads on camera but none on our phones! Doh!

Oh, a quick update on the car. Every day a new noise appears from somewhere, but it's holding up well. The only issue we know about is a slow leak of power steering fluid, but we found a garage yesterday and after a comical display of hand gestures (how DO you describe power steering fluid in hand gestures?), we left with a litre bottle of fluid. Now we just need to top it up twice a day. Other than that, totally reliable! (famous last words eh!) We lost a team yesterday who broke down in the mont blanc tunnel (for those that don't know this is a 12km tunnel under the Alps). They caused the tunnel to close, whoops. We think they have gone home in shame!

More updates later..
23rd Aug 2009, 18:13   comments (0)

Yesterdays challenge

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Danimal has explained yesterdays challenge below, but to explain how we did in more detail:

In 1 supermarket we bought 1 tiny onion, 1 of the smallest tomatoes i've ever seen, and a can of drink that would rival any asda smart price tat. Now we have to buy these things seperately, and as we're queueing a kind chap let us go in front of him, after all our basket only had 3 items in. He didn't seem too happy after we took an item each and paid seperately!

One of the teams that did well, bought items like: a single grape, a 1c stamp, 1 gram of cheese, a pea (yes a single pea!) and a button. (None of us had the balls to go to the deli counter and try and explain in italian we wanted a gram of cheese!).
23rd Aug 2009, 17:05   comments (0)

Saturday P. S.

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Didn't mention yesterday's challenge, so here goes: it was called Euro Stretcher and involved purchasing as many different items as possible for a total of ?1. The more items, the more points... Unfortunately, we didn't do great as we interpreted the rules more strictly than we should have and as a result passed up on possible purchases :o( Guess we're not gonna win after all...
23rd Aug 2009, 15:25   comments (0)

Morning fuel stop

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Yet more fuel for some of the teams.
23rd Aug 2009, 14:19   comments (0)