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Hi! This is the page of the finest team in this years ramshackle rally, '664 the Neighbour of the Beast'!

If you're thinking this looks like a thinly disguised excuse for a bunch of guys to get trolleyed up Gumball/Cannonball Run style through Europe, frankly, you're half right. We have a vehicle that cost us a princely sum of £120 and are one of 115 teams each with their own theme competing in this year's Dover-Valencia Ramshackle Rally. (

We've pimped our ride up in a Tiger style, and will be wearing 'Safari Hunter' outfits, so now all we have to do is drive this thing to Valencia. Sound too easy?

That's Spain...via France, Italy and Monaco! It's over 1,500 miles with a few obstacles between us and the chequered flag such as, The Alps, Border Patrols, Lee's driving and a fair bit of Cabin Fever, not to mention having to sell a kidney or two on the way to pay for petrol... Oh, and did anyone mention the 'daily challenges' we have to do on the way? Whatever they are?!

Anyway, rather than just have drunken mindless fun at the stopover parties, we're also raising some money for the Anthony Nolan Trust, who do fantastic work providing donors for people in need of bone marrow transplants (as well as research into these transplants), so if you haven't already, please visit and give generously (remember to tick the Gift Aid Box).

To follow our progress, revisit this page frequently between Thu 20th and Tue 25th August, for live updates on who's just let one off in the car, or who's fallen over drunk first, or even if we made it to our daily location.

Jas (Brains), Dan (Danimal), Wayne (Slugger) & Lee (Rod Street)

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Picture albums now on Facebook

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I've uploaded my picture albums to facebook, and made them open for all to see.

Cars & daytime pics;=806575105&l;=4e18a093cc


nightime pics;=806575105&l;=30026906c2

all comments, sarcastic or otherwise welcome. lol

30th Aug 2009, 20:22   comments (1)

La Tomatina, Bunol

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On Wednesday morning I hooked up with Russel and Andrew from the Bangers and Cash team and together we took a coach to Bunol to participate in this year's tomato festival.

Words cannot describe the madness that went on in the narrow streets of this tiny town. We got right into the centre of the action and by the end of the fight were covered head to toe in tomato sauce.

I took lots of video footage that I will upload as soon as I get back to the UK.
27th Aug 2009, 07:06   comments (2)

Video of our lap round Monaco

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I've uploaded it to youtube.

Use the link below to watch it.
26th Aug 2009, 08:18   comments (2)

Scrapping the beast

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The car's journey is over, so today, after dropping off the rest of the team at Valencia airport and checking into a hotel, I took the beast for its final spin.

I arrived at the scrapyard at 2:30 pm to find everyone there sleeping. I was told to come back after 3pm when the siesta is over. While waiting in the hot spanish sun the Bangers and Cash team arrived and we agreed to have a burnout and demolition session around the industrial estate. We tore through the deserted streets doing handbrake turns and doughnuts and running up high curbs. Finally, we started crashing into one another removing the Mondeo's front bumper in the process. Other parts of followed shortly and by the time we finished both cars were pretty battered.

Later, the Disco Shed guys turned up with their Volvo and happily joined the party, virtually fusing the prisoners' Fiesta to the Tiger by broadsiding it in reverse.

Finally, time came to kiss our cars goodbye and after ripping a few souvenir parts from them I shared a taxi with the prisoners and headed back to town.

Happy days :o)

P. S.: I feel sorry (NOT!) for my team mates that they missed this.....
25th Aug 2009, 17:54   comments (4)

We made it !!!

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Well at about 4pm we arrived in Valencia. The trusty old Mondeo made it to the end. Bless her.

Quick check-in at the nicest hotel of the lot so far, and we went straight to the beach for some swimming.

Haven't got long to post as we need to get some dinner in and get to the meeting point for 8pm for prize giving and of course the odd drink (or 10).

More to post later, and keep an eye out over the next 2 days where we will be posting loads of pictures from our digital cameras.
24th Aug 2009, 17:57   comments (6)

The View From Hotel Neptuno, Valencia

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We have arrived in Valencia and are currently in the hotel overlooking part of the F1 circuit.
24th Aug 2009, 16:07   comments (2)

Rod the dunce

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Rod Street becomes the first person to wear the dunce hat. He won the prestigious trophy by driving the wrong way round a roundabout. 3 women-like screams later and a possible head on with a renault scenic and we were happily on our way again!
24th Aug 2009, 15:12   comments (6)

Front page news...

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Well, sort of.

We made the front page of the local papers website, could be in the paper too.

Any translations welcome...
24th Aug 2009, 09:19   comments (6)
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