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Twentysomething adult in denial, working (allegedly) as a sysadmin on New Oxford Street in central London.

Has a thing for shiny toys, beautiful women and tropical fish, and works tirelessly in his secret basement lab to find a way to combine the three.

Alright, it's a bedsit. Shut up.

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Prime For President

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Found in the Easynet 1bricklane datacentre. Probably the fault of a colleague of mine.
11th May 2007, 19:35   comments (0)


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Now that's advertising that I can identify with.
11th May 2007, 19:32   comments (0)

Just a Reminder

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Found in Easynet's 1bricklane datacentre. Because we've all been there...
11th May 2007, 19:31   comments (0)


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In the company operating my RHCE course, each room is named after a god or goddess. I've never heard of Hebe before though - anyone know its origin?
25th Apr 2007, 13:10   comments (2)

Mini Radiator

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It's the smallest radiator in the world!
25th Aug 2004, 10:54   comments (2)


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I've got new toys.

Oh yes, a 20 gig iPod, cheap-ass DVD player, Linksys USB bluetooth device, Cisco Aironet 350 card for my laptop, and thanks to a group effort a couple of small, highly integrated pentium 3 500MHz machines. All I need now is something SPARC to play with, and maybe the moon on a stick.

For now, however, i've got a load of shiny things to play with and I feel fine.

Now all I have to do is fully master advanced IP routing...
24th Aug 2004, 16:31   comments (1)

Horse Drawn

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I think it just took a coffin to a funeral up at St. Dunstan's. Aren't carriages drawn by two white horses some kind of cultural thing? A Gypsy funeral or something?
20th Aug 2004, 12:55   comments (0)


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Sad, really, that the majority of the reading that most of us do these days is on the loo.
20th Aug 2004, 03:03   comments (7)
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