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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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it was one hell of a garden tour

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Lucky I am home in one piece.

15th Jun 2008, 01:02   comments (5)


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-mounds of grass with a green light on them
-our sports dome peeking out between buildings
-lighting guys working to make this look like water
-part of the LuminaTO festival. 250 globes strung out over Dundas Square, that react to sound by changing colour. every night a different kind of music, and dancing.

Toronto flickr pool of this
14th Jun 2008, 02:25   comments (10)

train lights

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night shot taken from the train bridge on Bathurst. held athe camera tight on the bridge and like Mara, hold breath and push the button.

there is no train coming. the lights are railway lights beside the tracks, just out of the frame at the top.
13th Jun 2008, 05:17   | tags:,,comments (19)

suzuki lessons pay off

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I see things I need to photograph

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9th Jun 2008, 00:33   comments (17)

saturday morning on my street

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the news.
-my new bike. Don, who sold me the stolen new bike, heard about the theft and sold me this replacement at cost. nice guy and I love being on my wheels again. have big lock and I use it.
-Ann and David's house on the corner. He is a music producer and the basement is a studio. Looks like the enterprise flight deck. This photo is in place of the one I can't take of the black SUV crack dealer who has moved onto our street. He is here regularly, and has a stash car, runners, and for some reason they all think they are invisible. We phoned the drug squad and they are plainclothesing it, trying to get a sense of his schedule. They asked us to keep track of him, so we are all deputies. We also are looking at everyone wondering if they are plainclothes or just normal people. Meanwhile, with this guy around, every bike on the block that is not nailed down has been stolen--even really old ones.
-Judy's having a lawn sale and Colin is having morning coffee on his porch. Colin and Kathryn just had baby Beatrice, and Kevin and Jamie just had baby Roan, last Tuesday. Lorra babies.

that's the news roundup for this week.
7th Jun 2008, 15:04   comments (19)

on the way I passed..

-a monkeh propped on a window ledge
-frank gehry's unfinished front of the art gallery of ontario
-moose on a balcony
-the cat on the chair sculpture at the entrance to Kensington Market
-the L'Oreal public makeover in Dundas Square
7th Jun 2008, 12:17   comments (8)

for mtn hermit

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fiddleheads for dinner. it was a good day here too.
1st Jun 2008, 04:26   | tags:,comments (9)