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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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thousands of tamils

thousands of Tamils have filled the streets of Toronto for three days. they want someone, anyone, to step in and stop the war. the war rolls on, and the tigers have their backs to the sea. it is only a matter of time. the violence of both sides has made a mess of everything.

It does not look good for for the rights of the Tamil minority in the future Sri Lanka.

I have never been to Sri Lanka, but I have been told how beautiful it was in the north. Palm trees, beaches, lagoons. I always wanted to see it.
29th Apr 2009, 07:00   comments (4)

the malting silos and a tree

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29th Apr 2009, 06:23   comments (2)

ground level spring

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the ground was not level but it sure was warm and sunny and it smells so good.
24th Apr 2009, 20:46   comments (10)

get rich. repair refrigerators.

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my fridge stopped working days ago. the repairman is 'available' only next friday. I pay him $80 for the first fifteen minutes, and $19 for every 15 minutes after...and I pay for parts. The fridge is out of warranty and is just 5 years old.

rant rant rant..

then there are the nagging I really have to throw out all those hot sauces, the prize winning maple syrup, Betty's blueberry jam??

I may die of food poisoning before the damn fridge is fixed. oh, hope your monday is much better..
20th Apr 2009, 20:52   comments (11)

spring cleanup

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that's not gus, that's byron, the other barber. gus is on a break. saturday in my neighbourhood.
20th Apr 2009, 12:44   comments (4)

nik's first birthday.

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nik is one. his mom and dad and all their friends are australian. everyone was australian. they are invading here. roan wisely took off on his own.

is that cake radioactive or what?
19th Apr 2009, 21:13   comments (4)

lullabye arkestra

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LOUDEST two people in toronto. made me happy and deafer.
19th Apr 2009, 21:03   comments (1)

moblogger duz good

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this just in from Planet Photo where all I am doing is working on my school portfolio..
I got accepted to the magnum workshop here in May, and Power is the photographer I wanted to work with. I am very very happy that I get to work for a week, all day, with this guy.

back to work...big up happy here. big.

Mark Power
14th Apr 2009, 18:30   comments (14)