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I met him on the internet and he found some glass from a meteor event

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Bonus having Euphro here, especially when you like rocks. He's here at the world's largest mineral and mining meetup in Toronto, talking to people about his next job. But so nicely, he managed to find me a piece of history. Glass from the Sahara, from a meteor event, millions of years ago. Thinking of sending it on to Beth, for a setting. I'd like to wear meteor damage.
5th Mar 2013, 05:40   comments (8)

catbus my house so fast solstice end of the world

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it was so fast. the catbus. totoro. end of the owrld. (leaving that).just back from a very fine neighbourhood gathering of interesting people, did not dance on tables but we talked about maybe...what a great neighbourhood where that is always possible. so. wherever you are, be warm and toasty, may there be good things to eat and drink, and always love, affection and a drive to make this old place better.
22nd Dec 2012, 02:30   comments (6)

Roméo Dallaire and Rob

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Roméo Dallaire is a Canadian hero. Rob and I went to shake his hand last week at a fundraiser for a camp he wants to run for new Canadian kids in the bush north of Quebec City. That is real bush. And he is someone you would go a long way for. He was the UN commander in Rwanda during the genocide. He pleaded with the world to come stop it. He saw it all. He came home. He was haunted. He was found drunk under a park bench in Ottawa. He wanted to die. He is okay now. But when he speaks, he has power, and humour, talk to him and you start believing again, you think hell maybe there is a way, what can I do...
26th Nov 2012, 02:38   comments (6)

every second sunday I am in High Park working

I am part of the invasive removals crew at High Park, which is just about the neatest, wildest part of downtown Toronto. Every second Sunday we do things. Mostly chop down invasive buckthorn in the autumn. The crew is much larger than the photos. Most don't hang around for the photo op. Today was our last buckthorn bust because it's going to snow soon. I hate ruining a Sunday morning but these people make it worth it.
26th Nov 2012, 02:26   comments (5)

still at the natural history museum

It's not true about the dinosaurs or the killer sloth coming alive at night. And the leaf cutter ants are so busy trying to figure out apples that there is no worry.
26th Nov 2012, 02:15   comments (3)

bat for facto

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I ran away to the museum today.
15th Nov 2012, 03:03   comments (7)

The butterfly house

It was pretty incredible. Butterflies landing on you all the time. Helen had a real butterfly fan, who wanted to come home with her. Photographing butterflies is like herding cats.
16th Oct 2012, 13:47   comments (17)

I made them get wet OR Famous Blue Raincoat

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Helen and Viv went into the Falls, right up close. I made them do it. Mobloggers have no fear.

If you go right up to the Falls, you get a famous blue raincoat. If you are wearing it later on, in some strange place, the chances are pretty good that someone will come up to you and say 'hey, that ride into the Falls was pretty good, eh?'
16th Oct 2012, 05:37   comments (13)