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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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snow on the mountain, gold on the hills

I have enough photos of flowers now. My computer is going to throw up if I ask it to download anymore flowers.

Last night I ate a deep fried avacado, and it was very good. Going south to Mexico today. I like Mexico.

a tucson pinata factory

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28th Mar 2010, 05:32   comments (2)

gas stations

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28th Mar 2010, 05:21   comments (1)

the tucson transit system

28th Mar 2010, 05:15   comments (8)

walking around tucson

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-my friend maggie asked me to bring her back a ceramic lizard. I found them.
-I really like walls painted by people who are not graffiti artists.
-Bob Marley central, Tucson, AZ.
-Saguaro have interesting ways of dealing with arms.

27th Mar 2010, 05:58   comments (3)

intrepid flower search

mexican poppy day.

I went to Sells, AZ, capital of the Tohono O'odham nation. I know someone there, and it is faster to ask a native person where plants are than spend all day wandering--and they have a great restaurant there. Anyway, what I want to say is this: living in southern Arizona means getting used to being watched and hassled by authorities-- either border, immigration or DEA. You cannot be out in the desert wandering around without a helicopter checking you out, being stopped by the DEA and told to get the hell out of there, or being stopped 45 miles inside the US border from Mexico at an immigration and customs checkpoint. I am so not used to this, and it is giving me the creeps. I saw a woman taken away in handcuffs at the border checkpoint. So it's not all flowers, guys, not at all.
26th Mar 2010, 04:31   comments (2)

it never rains in the desert, but when it does...

I just don't have words for this.

two birds, lots of flowers

25th Mar 2010, 04:36   comments (2)