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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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plant architecture

except the bottom photo is from my friend Dane's tree. It is being destroyed by sapsuckers. This is the pattern they leave on the branch. I always thought they were okay until Dane showed me. tree killers.
14th Aug 2010, 04:15   comments (7)

this is what is burning in Russia

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Sphagnum moss builds up in bogs for years, centuries, forming layers of peat underground. Peat burns slowly and with a log of smoke. Peat fires are very hard to put out because the fire travels underground. Hoping for big rain in Russia.

give me snow

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Since June, it has been disgustingly hot and humid and polluted. It does not end. I just needed a little snow memory today.
5th Aug 2010, 15:53   comments (10)

Ramona is here

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We've been waiting for Ramona for a while and she finally arrived. Oscar thinks being a big brother is pretty good, so far. Our family has always been boys. As her uncle Andy said, 'A girl? What do we know about girls? What do we do with her?' Ramona is two days old, and she's a champion sleeper. I think she's terrific.
1st Aug 2010, 04:43   comments (13)

moth on flower

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Orange-patched Smoky Moth -- Pyromorpha dimidiata on Liatris cylindricea. I know nothing about insects, except there are an awful lot of them involved with plants so I better get used to them. This moth and I spent a lovely evening hanging around the liatris so I photographed it. I even found its name by pure chance.

it's a swamp, it's a swamp rose

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Up until now, I had never seen a swamp rose, Rosa palustris, but now I have.
25th Jul 2010, 05:15   comments (5)

Everything is okay

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I'm trying to get my mojo back, trying to find the zen of it all.
28th Jun 2010, 03:20   | tags:,comments (9)

it's hard to focus when you are afraid

27th Jun 2010, 07:18   comments (6)