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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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I feel guilty about moblog. Somewhere along the line, I decided that all my plant photos were just boring on moblog and I should put them somewhere else. so I have been putting them on flickr. I have been working on plant photos for a while. In the beginning it was work and now it is for me. I really feel sad when the comment I made at night on moblog is still there when I check up in the morning. Facebook has killed moblog, and most blogs. I joined Facebook for a while, and it was ok, but nothing like the contact, the wit, the fun I had here. Nothing is as slow as moblog, but it's my true home on the interwebs. I miss so many people and value those still here, but I feel like it is a ghost of itself, something that was, and is no longer. I owe something. I learned so much here, made such good friends, laughed so hard when I didn't expect it......

my flickr
and a nice hl

30th Sep 2010, 05:26   comments (39)


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when I was a kid, there were periwinkles, starfish, sand dollars, horseshoe crabs and jellyfish at the beach. sometimes there were thousands of any of these things washed up on the shore. We used to stab jellyfish with a stick and throw them back. Of all the things I remember, it seems like jellyfish are the one thing that has gone forth and multiplied.
18th Sep 2010, 03:45   comments (6)

horseshoe crab

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Unchanged for 450 million years, and in spite of its strange appearance, completely harmless. I have great affection for them because as a child they covered the beach and were an endless source of magic and curiousity. Like other crabs, they moult, leaving behind a complete shell of themselves. I held this moulted shell up to the light.

wiki on horseshoe crabs
18th Sep 2010, 03:34   comments (7)

Hey, let's go to the island

Toronto Island is actually a couple of islands, a twenty minute ferry ride off the city. It's a magic place and sometime I should take photos of things that are not plants on the island.

Taking a ferry somewhere is generally a good thing. Except in high seas when they pull out the plywood and put it over the windows, as happens in New Brunswick.
4th Sep 2010, 01:03   comments (6)

Tastes like chicken

I don't want to fill up my blog with my plant photos, but this fungus is so unreal, I need to put it here. It is growing in High Park, Toronto, on a decaying black oak stump. I think it looks very unCanadian, being so flashy and tropical. They say you can eat it. Tastes like chicken. Like everything.

trying for fisheye

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Native plants of the North
American oak savannah and the tall grass prairie.

black oak savannah with bugs

I think the only word for what Japanese beetles do here is eat and clusterfuck.
14th Aug 2010, 04:27   comments (4)