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"A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B."
Fats Domino

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If it was hygienic to keep her there, I would have done.
6th Aug 2007, 07:24   comments (2)

squashed tomatoes and stew...

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1. more pressies!
2. Dylan bought me this one, wonder how he knew this was the Dr I watched as
a kid?
3. Chocolate cake, made by the older 3.
and Gingerbread women!

all in all, a great day!

Thank you Mr H and all the H-letts xx
6th Aug 2007, 07:18   comments (5)

happy birthday to me!

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It's not until Sunday, but the kids bought me these today.

Thank you Mr H x
3rd Aug 2007, 06:07   comments (5)

been busy!

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1. Merino cycling socks
2. Acrylic/cotton lacy socks
3. Merino cable socks
25th Jul 2007, 08:54   comments (7)

Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

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How does your garden grow?

Pretty well for a change, must be this bizarre weather.

My alpine/cactus/thingy has flowered!

and I can't wait to try these apples.
25th Jul 2007, 08:43   comments (6)

Look what I found...

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...sleeping on a bench in the middle of Cardiff.

Disgraceful behaviour!
3rd Jun 2007, 09:44   comments (9)

Mavis the Monster!

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I bought this book from a charity shop for Jasmine yesterday...

She screamed in delight when she found this story!
31st May 2007, 08:12   comments (7)


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27th May 2007, 18:31   comments (7)