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This blog is just a collection of resources on local mysteries, haunted places and weird sightings, plotted on a map.

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Abandoned Electrical Sub-station

(viewed 4000 times)
Just other side of Avenue H subway stop.

Posted by jc1000000

21st Jul 2014, 00:13   comments (0)

NYC's Oldest Subway Station

(viewed 1114 times)
Avenue H on the Q. They've got rocking chairs outside.

Posted by jc1000000

21st Jul 2014, 00:09   comments (0)

Man Sends Email 5 Months After He Dies

(viewed 1752 times)
This BBC video is genuinely touching and spooky all at once. It's like something out of a movie.

Good friends of a man that died start receiving emails from him 5 months later.

At first I thought maybe the deceased was a just a geek who, for unexplained reasons anticipated his death and so scheduled emails to send at a later stage.

But the story about his broken angle is so precise and happened almost four months after he died. I feel like that could not have been predicted, even though in the email it jokingly says "I knew you were going to break your ankle."

The attitude of everyone in the video involved is inspiring. I like the fact they take it as a gift and say, "I dont care, cos I take it whatever way I want," bullishly standing by their right to suspend disbelief (in the face of the possibility of someone potentially playing mean tricks) when not knowing 'the truth' works for them and suits the purpose of honoring their friend and enables them to continue carrying that person in their hearts.

WATCH: Emails from dead man's account spook loved ones.

Posted by jc1000000

19th Mar 2012, 02:33   comments (0)

The pump with no handle

(viewed 1847 times)
Yesterday was the anniversary of when John Snow had the realisation that
this public water pump was promoting the spread of cholera
, and so took
action and removed the handle (8th September 1854).

Although it is dark, you can see there is no handle on the pump.

Posted by jc1000000

9th Sep 2009, 10:24   comments (12)

Perverted pet shop

(viewed 2180 times)
Alternative petshop in Greenwich village in NYC

Posted by jc1000000

14th Oct 2008, 12:39   comments (0)

Monkey Manuel

(viewed 1732 times)
Monkey waiter serves restaurant guests.

The really strange thing about it is that the restauarant staff in Japan always applaud the customer when they leave - i wonder if Manuel can do that??

Posted by jc1000000

7th Oct 2008, 12:46   comments (0)

Dicing with death on M6

(viewed 2728 times)
A bit disturbing. Two women, twin sisters, run out in front of incoming traffic.

Very very strange.

Posted by jc1000000

26th Sep 2008, 10:35   comments (11)

Possessed by the repo man?

(viewed 1918 times)
Quote from here (optimised for mobile)

...the first ghostly incident happened on the night they moved in: "We were all sitting downstairs watching TV when we heard a knock on the wall and a man's voice say 'hello, is anybody there?'.
Click here!

"When I went to check, there was nobody there and the door was locked. There was no way anyone could have got in."

For several months things remained quiet, but in April Mr Rashid says one of the maids saw a grey figure sitting on her bed.

"She was so frightened she collapsed," he said. "Then members of my family started seeing things."

He claims that things began to get really scary when the ghosts started to take on the form of his children.

On one occasion his wife saw one of their daughters sitting in a front room but when she went to her bedroom she was in there sound asleep.

"I get goose bumps just thinking about it," he said. "I never believed in stuff like this before, but I do now."

"After failing to sell the property Mr Rashid - who owns a chain of nursing homes in the county, a hotel in Dubai and 26 other properties - said: "The only way forward was not to pay the mortgage and hope that the bank would repossess."

The house was eventually repossessed on Thursday."

Posted by jc1000000

22nd Sep 2008, 12:07   | tags:comments (3)
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