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What on earth am I doing...?
"War is too important to be left in the hands of soldiers..." by Someone Clever

Older photos taken on a Motorola v500, which was a bit crap to be honest...As of Nov 05 SE K750i AND now emailing from PC as it's cheaper! 2010 - now using an HTC Hero.

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(viewed 1320 times)
But why pay for them when you can get them issued?! (excuse the state...)
18th Oct 2005, 19:09   | tags:,comments (3)

Sky again

(viewed 1332 times)
Turning dark blue now as night draws in...when the hell am I going to finish work?!
18th Oct 2005, 18:35   | tags:,,,comments (2)


(viewed 1337 times)
Wow! North Devon sunset looks like this! Firey sky at night!
18th Oct 2005, 18:19   | tags:,,,comments (2)

Morning all!

(viewed 665 times)
Coffee time...
18th Oct 2005, 07:28   comments (0)

Liam is now checking...

(viewed 664 times)
At least its during his lunch break! He's looking at new VW Beetles, for his girlfriends birthday...ain't he sweet!?
17th Oct 2005, 13:57   comments (3)

I'm hungry...

(viewed 641 times)
Nearly yum yum time! Kieth and Shirley coming round for supper and drinky-poos
15th Oct 2005, 18:33   comments (0)

Fried, ready for oven soon...

(viewed 700 times), I thinj we made too many! Nevermind, they'll be good tomorrow...Monday...
15th Oct 2005, 17:13   | tags:comments (0)

Frying tonight!

(viewed 776 times)
Wow! How much oil do these things soak up! All the breadcrumbs I suppose...smells yummie! I don't recommend it to Frog though... ; )
15th Oct 2005, 17:08   | tags:comments (1)