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What on earth am I doing...?
"War is too important to be left in the hands of soldiers..." by Someone Clever

Older photos taken on a Motorola v500, which was a bit crap to be honest...As of Nov 05 SE K750i AND now emailing from PC as it's cheaper! 2010 - now using an HTC Hero.

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Plymouth = Toasty

(viewed 738 times)
Enjoying some 'us' time. Only ice cream and cold drinks required...
4th Jun 2010, 16:51   comments (2)

Time to mow...

(viewed 487 times)
Hmmm, our beautiful garden may need just a little attention...
4th Jun 2010, 15:55   comments (0)

Anyone watching?

(viewed 745 times)
First cuppa in my own mug in my own house for a month! Plus I'm still in my
dressing gown...
4th Jun 2010, 10:01   comments (4)

So long Edinburgh, until next time.

(viewed 473 times)
Mum is now able to manage most day to day stuff so it's back to Plymouth for
us. Didn't get to spend nearly enough time with friends or get to see
nearly enough of this beautiful city, but there's always next time. Things
like this are so much easier to cope with when you have such good friends :)
3rd Jun 2010, 08:47   comments (0)

Aerin, reclining

(viewed 578 times)
One minute you're pulling your hair out, the next all you want to do is
cuddle :)
1st Jun 2010, 14:25   comments (1)

Out the window and over the street

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Mums chemo Doc was a very happy, bouncy up kind of person, which
immediately had me on the wrong foot. She did a perfect job of reassuring
and explaining exactly what had been found, what it all meant and what was
next. Despite the huge size of the cyst (over 25 litres of fluid were
drained during Mums prep and operation) it turns out to have been caused by
a rare type of cancer which is 'class 1'. Everyone involved in the
operation and diagnosis was surprised and relieved which obviously made us
very relieved as well. As we had been fearing the chemo + radiotherapy we
were pretty damn pleased to hear that Mum will just be getting the chemo,
it'll be as an outpatient, one hour by drip, once a month for 6 months.
There are obviously blood tests throughout and 5 years of monitoring
afterwards, but the prognosis is very, very good.
21st May 2010, 09:25   comments (3)

Edinburgh as summer arrives

(viewed 418 times)
I've come to Edinburgh having been given time off work to be with my Mum for
a few weeks. About a week and a half ago she had what to a lot of women is
described as a 'routine' operation: hysterectomy. The reason though, was a
huge ovarian cyst plus (the blood tests showed) cancer. The operation went
very well although there were complications - the cyst had grown onto the
bowels making it a bit trickier. They kept Mum in while monitoring her
blood, as they were also concerned about a spot on her liver, but that
turned out to be a little bruise or something of no threat. Mum was finally
released on Tuesday, able to walk about and get in and out of bed
un-assisted. Yesterday we had the appointment with the chemotherapy Doc to
see what lay ahead...
21st May 2010, 09:10   comments (0)

A Prime Minister in search of a Government...

(viewed 363 times)
12th May 2010, 13:52   comments (0)