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What on earth am I doing...?
"War is too important to be left in the hands of soldiers..." by Someone Clever

Older photos taken on a Motorola v500, which was a bit crap to be honest...As of Nov 05 SE K750i AND now emailing from PC as it's cheaper! 2010 - now using an HTC Hero.

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Strangers on a Train

(viewed 804 times)
Can this be safe?How often have you seen it this busy on the train?Every day?Surely this affects safety? Virgin.Not allowed in first class seats...
19th May 2006, 14:46   comments (9)

City of Heroes

(viewed 1258 times)
The dancing Chucks! Its too mental to be true! Bees are arguing about copyright and trademark!! Look at the cumulo nimbus!!
13th May 2006, 14:15   | tags:,comments (6)

City of Heroes

(viewed 1151 times)
Where is everyone this morning???Majestick waiting for chums in Atlas Park
Max Function (the Flash rip off!) with 2 of the three Chuck Norris's that were in the team. With three Chucks how could we possibly lose?
13th May 2006, 14:08   | tags:,comments (0)

Battlefield 2

(viewed 1235 times)
This game rocks!
First pick is me on an embankment looking down on an area being hit with artillery, the other is me after being hit with artillery! (spot the theme...)
13th May 2006, 14:04   | tags:,,comments (2)


(viewed 692 times)
I can't believe how slowly today is going...
5th May 2006, 10:38   comments (0)


(viewed 639 times)
This is Patch, hungover and about to leave the unit!
4th May 2006, 11:17   comments (0)


(viewed 1428 times)
More of the beggars! They're all over the place!
29th Apr 2006, 17:07   | tags:comments (6)

Giant Turtles

(viewed 1279 times)
First night on Ascension. Had a meal around 8pm, a couple of drinks, then headed down to the beach.
Lucky for us, its turtling season - and these big ladies could be crept up on all over the place!
29th Apr 2006, 16:58   | tags:comments (2)