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What is The Soundtrack To Your Life? Whether it's you listening to tunes on your journey to work or that compilation of killer club anthems that evoke fond memories of dancing the nights away, we want to see how you visualise the idea of your life with music, and we want you to moblog it for us. Festival moments that made you roar with joy, gigs that changed the way you think about music, a song that you keep on loop till you know all the words, we want to see your love of music, the soundtrack to *your* life.

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sound in your head

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artwork by chelpa ferro, brazil - seen at the biennale in venezia

Posted by monkeypunk

16th Oct 2005, 12:59   comments (1)

MDMAmazing IBIZA '05

In Ibiza we've landed. All that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and
parties. I've got a whole week off from the world man. I'm gonna blow
steam out of my head like a screaming kettle........."i said............ NIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEE ONNNNNEEEEEEEEEE
Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss - we have fucking
arrived. This was by far one of the stupidest days of the holiday, when
we arrived at the 5 Star Hostel Torres, found out it was a shithole, but
not to worry soon got the fuck outa there and right down to Bar M for a
scoop. Danny Smythy n Nic went on the hunt for some Columbian then back
to the Plaza (Torres) for a scoop n sniff b4 judgement sunday. Went on
the dodgems and the baw thing that fcuks u in the air, scary when your
MWI (mad way it).Talking about scary shit, the goblins in Eden reminded me of the birds
Wee Smythy used to sneck behind Universe, kicking about on stilts -
jesus.....Wasn't the best night coz Anton and Nick got kicked out.Ferry Corsten was shit hot at Judgement Sunday and everyone was down at
the Front of the Dj box going fcuking mental. Judge Jules was shite in
my opinion - twice ive seen him and i would rather listen to my Da doing
a shite.MONDAY 29th Aug:
Everyone got tickets for Manumission but it was all a bit subdued before
we went as most of us hadn't sleept yet and had being drinking all day.
When we arrived at priviledge in 2 taxi's we all got split up and fuck
knows how but we managed to leave Kev Allan behind.I have never seen a club like this before in my life, was the size of St
Enoch's centre, and there were all sorts of weird shit going on. Soon
after we got there Nick and Barry headed home, leaving Danny Scott
Duncan kenny smyth. Smyth and Kenny stayed a lttle longer but they didnt
stay to the end. Scotty Danny and Duncan left and what a fcuking night
it was, heard the 2 tunes of the holiday for the first time "i just wana
call u my bitch, and raining down" - Fischerspooner were also playing at
Manumission and put on a great show, there last act was the tune
"Emerge" made famous by our very own Andrew "peug" Hughes.Bumped in to Anton and Kev later on in the night and kicked about
watching all the weird shit going on in the podiums in Manumission (live
sex shows,naked chicks everywhere.....)The end of the night was the coolest thing seen in Ibiza - definetly got
2 expierence this night.TUESDAY 30th Aug:
After Manumission headed back to the plaza and stayed up swallting till
10am when the pool opened, took our places at the pool and acted like
sausages all day (sausages meaning : jumping about like fanny's and
scaryin off everybody from the pool - ie only splinter would talk to us)
- who gives a fcuk though.There were 2 nights on tonight which we could have went to Extreme
Euphoria vs Tidy, or Erick Morillo @ Pacha. We had spent to much $$$ in
the first 2 days and it was running out fast so decided to have a night
down at the west end.Good night all round going from pub to pub - couple of the guys stayed
out longer but Nick Kev n Danny went back to the Plaza and got a
carryout n found my new best pal (MDamazing). Swallied like fcuk till
the pool opened at 10 and went down there.WEDNESDAY 31st Aug:
Tonight is M.A.U.R.O P.I.C.O.T.T.O,Just sat at the pool all day again talking shiite - listening to the
wise words of Kenny, and tales of the past and present. Splinter
was again scurrying round the pool with her ridiculously large Ivory
Insured knashers - she truly was a stinker.Our 2 new friends Dee and ...... T joined us for a drink in the room and
Scotty Kev Duncan and Kenny Yasssssssssss headed off to Mauro Picotto,
Although we had bought tickets Danny and smyth stayed in the apartments
with Anton Nick and Dee &T.; The 2 birds were not doing much talking, but
they did supply the best Cd iv heard, with the 2 tunes mentioned earlier
on it so just sat out in the balcony all night and listened to number 11
and number 15 most of the time (more Columbian and MDamazing were on the
menu)Picotto is amazing and that made it worse as he was the DJ i had wanted
to see the most.THURSDAY 01 Sept:
Amnesia was by far the best club i have being in - not as big as
Priviledge but the set up off the place, the ice cannons and the sound
were amazing. The legend that is Paul Van Dyk was playing and it was one
of the best nights of the holiday.Nothing much happened through the day, just looking forwatd to this one,
got our tickets early and got the rest of the shit sorted.When we arrived Paul Oakenfold was playing but he soon got to Fcuk and
on came Paul Van Dyk - Playing classics - absolutely amazing night.FRIDAY 02nd Sept:
After Amnesia Danny Scott Smyth headed for a drink in the west end (7.30
in the morning)To space.......20euro to get in but the 2 of us were well pished before we got in - coz
sat down the beach for an hour swalling like fcuk. This place was
amazing everyone totally mongo'd look like they had being out for a
couple of days andlooking like...splinters arse. - If you imagine the
soundhaus being full of weirdo's x 5, and thats some of the dudes that
were in here. The tunes were amazing as well, german Techno as soon as
we went in and the techno never stopped till 12 oclock. By that time the
Terrace was open we went out there for a bit but was feeling to weird to
be out in light in public (no sleep no food too much MDamazing) so we
headed back to the plaza - definelty the best night and morning i've had
in my life.Back to the pool MWI talked shite to people and once again lisened to
the wise words of Carss.
I honestly cant remember anything from friday night so will have to find
out from the other guys what happenedSATURDAY 3rd Sept:
Woke up on Kenny and Scott's balcony, Strange..... Welsh chick lying in
bed but no one in the room - surely not?!
Turns out the Welshys were staying next door to Scott and came over on
the same flight as Hannah...xxxxx (Awwwwwwww Scotty....).We all sat down the pool all day again and the welshy's joined us - they
were a bit mental, n up 4 anything.It was a well timed mission to get out the pool and up to the room
(smythy u know what im talkin about) - Poor wee welshy got the Full
Shawaddywaddy - haha. At the pool Scotty got chatting to Hannah all day
and she and her pal came out with us to play 2, along with the welsh
chicks - Who were geting picked off 1 by 1 by the guys - yassssssss.Play 2 was good, nicky Macintyre jumping about mental, everyone going
mental...... then there was a power cut which kinda runied it.Back at the plaza, lights were still out but we went up to the Welsh
birds room.Decided to try and get in2 Eden when the lights came back on but on the
way down - pwer cut again, so we picked up some other boys who somebody
knew and went to the welshys room and there must have being about 25
people in there - it turned a bit messy and a couch got threw down a few
flights of stairs - accidents do happen. Smythy Nick and Danny stayed up
till the end and if Granny Grey Hips hadn't kicked the welshys out there
apartment me and smythy were going to stay for another couple of days.
But the bus was leaving in 15mins and we hadnt packed yet so had to
hurry, all the rooms were ok except 304 (kev n smyth) damaged wardrope
door, 75euro, n smythy had to go out way a bang square go way Granny
Grey Hips - haha - nice ending to the maddest week of my life

Posted by goode

14th Oct 2005, 10:30   comments (7)

john peel.

(viewed 1228 times)
dedicated to the legend thats is john peel. today is john peel day. if anyone is going to or playing a gig tonight remember john and think of him. if you cant make it to any gigs, turn the radio to radio 1 at 7 sit down get a few mate round have a drink and remember him that way.just remember he was a legend and will always be what made radio and live music to me

Posted by backwards lamb

13th Oct 2005, 10:45   comments (11)

i'm so tired

(viewed 1139 times)
I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink
No,no,no.I'm so tired I don't know what to do
I'm so tired my mind is set on you
I wonder should I call you but I know what you'd doYou'd say I'm putting you on
But it's no joke, it's doing me harm
You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain
You know it's three weeks, I'm going insane
You know I'd give you everything I've got
for a little peace of mindI'm so tired, I'm feeling so upset
Although I'm so tired I'll have another cigarette
And curse Sir Walter Raleigh
He was such a stupid get.

Posted by ivehadanidea

13th Oct 2005, 10:26   comments (0)

Almost Dead - These ARE the soundtrack to my life!!!

(viewed 1275 times)
These things have been a part of me for years,
Without these, i would have no soundtrack!---------------------------------
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Posted by Dave (nee Spike)

5th Oct 2005, 14:57   comments (3)

And relax ...

(viewed 1083 times)
Forget pharmaceuticals, when I'm as stressed as I am right now this is the
only thing I need.
I swear this would stop a rampaging bull elephant on speed in his tracks.
Try it for yourself, one day : )

posted by Gael

Posted by Jane Doe

4th Oct 2005, 12:11   comments (0)

The background noise to my life

(viewed 1298 times)
Something that's always been in my life is folk music.Being brought up my morris dancers is always going to give me a slightly different upbringing ;-D but I'm grateful for it.Whatever else was happening, however bad things got, there were always some mates playing fantastic Irish music at the back of a dark, dingy pub somewhere in the country.

Sitting and playing, and forgetting about everything else was the best feeling in the world, and one I've recently re-discovered.The soundtrack to my life - Irish tunes, my mates and a pint.

Posted by chris

3rd Oct 2005, 20:34   comments (3)

They Might Be Giants: Am I Awake?

(viewed 1237 times)
Speaking of soundracks to ones life-- this song *definitely* qualifies.
They Might Be Giants: Am I Awake?
Am I awake?
What time is it?
When I get through this day
Can someone tell me how
And how much longer now
Am I awake?
The coffee's cold, did I forget to drink it yet
Did I forget?
My clothes are wet I don't remember drinking it
When I get through this part
Will the next one be the same
Will I be wondering
If I'm awake?
These are not the clothes I had on when I went to bed
And something else besides my hair is growing from my head
And when I close my eyes it looks the same as when I open them again
Am I awake?
What time is it?
Is it that time again?
Wasn't it already then?
So does it have to be
The time it was again
When I get through this day
Can't someone tell me how
And how much longer now
Am I awake?
Am I awake?
When I get through this day
Can someone tell me how
And how much longer now
Am I awake?
When I get through this day
Can someone tell me how
And how much longer now
Am I awake?

Posted by bronxelf

30th Sep 2005, 04:26   comments (0)
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