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Random adventures, some involving pink!drink!

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La Porchetta, 07/11

Tom has been playing with his food.
7th Nov 2004, 21:02   comments (3)

Player of Games

Scrabble chez Sneerpout and Mr Tom. We are playing by the Craggy Island Rules. Drink! Arse! Feck!
26th Oct 2004, 22:48   comments (8)

Abney Park 24/10

Nae Luck. The graves in Abney Park, a Victorian cemetary in North London, are all in a poor state of repair. Even the small cute ones.

I know that taking photographs of gravestones could be construed as being a bit goth, but I would like to point out that I own several items of colourful clothing and have even been known to wear them sometimes.
24th Oct 2004, 17:45   comments (0)

Abney Park 24/10

Abney Park chapel lies in the centre of the Victorian graveyard in Stoke Newington, North London. Amazing looking place... must go back with a "proper" camera.

I understand this place is popular with goths, but I of course wouldn't know anything about that.
24th Oct 2004, 17:40   comments (0)

Abney Park 24/10

The Abney Park chapel is thoroughly chained up to prevent public access, but it's still possible to see up its towers. Ooo-er.
24th Oct 2004, 17:35   comments (0)

Abney Park 25/10

We took a short cut through the Victorian graveyard Abney Park. The chapel in its centre is as derelict and spooky as all the overgrown graves and damaged headstones.
24th Oct 2004, 17:32   comments (0)

What's On?

There's not much on at our local pub.
21st Oct 2004, 20:47   comments (0)

Chocolate Fingers

Tom has been making truffles! *bounce*
17th Oct 2004, 13:08   comments (0)