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Invader Zim

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Harare North MP Trudy Stevenson at a meeting for exiled Zimbabwean journalists in London.

Cheers to mat for sorting out the Vodaphone spam issue ;o)
29th Jan 2005, 17:03   comments (0)

Muffin's birthday

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Mmm, muffins.
22nd Jan 2005, 21:47   comments (1)

Muffin's birthday

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Andy is crimped and adorable.

Bloody Camden. Full of goths.
22nd Jan 2005, 21:46   comments (0)

Trashcan Sinatras, Islington, 18/01

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Fantastic gig. Really superb - far better than recent shows I've seen in London (and Glasgow), probably by virtue of the inclusion of some bouncier tracks. Frank Reader was mesmerising, and I might even have had some decent shots had it not been for two blindingly bright lights centre stage.

*glares at lighting engineer*
18th Jan 2005, 23:25   comments (0)


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Just an ordinary evening at the Bull And Bear.
12th Jan 2005, 20:55   comments (2)


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Er, quite.
8th Jan 2005, 15:19   comments (1)


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A Christmas morning game of Real Tennis.
25th Dec 2004, 18:38   comments (0)


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Ahem. Nobody told me that Christmas in Oxford would be plane boring :o)
24th Dec 2004, 22:41   comments (1)