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Bits 'n' Bobs from my camera phone

and sometimes from my digital camera
(which may be cheating but hey, WTF :-)

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"Bare" feet

(viewed 772 times)
or something like that :-)
10th Jan 2005, 20:33   comments (0)

Too Late...

(viewed 661 times)
... Harry realised he was standing in a puddle of piss!
5th Nov 2004, 16:27   comments (0)


(viewed 846 times)

26th Aug 2004, 00:27   comments (1)

Guildford today

(viewed 670 times)
25th Aug 2004, 21:04   comments (0)

Hey presto!

(viewed 668 times)

17th Aug 2004, 10:13   comments (6)


(viewed 569 times)

29th Jul 2004, 14:56   comments (0)

Covent Garden

(viewed 735 times)
Tried to post these yesterday but they seem to have vanished into the
black hole known as Orange Internet.

A guy busking in Covent Garden.
His name's Terry St.Clair
And he's good.
11th Jul 2004, 11:25   comments (0)

Iron Cobra

(viewed 750 times)
at 21 South Street, Reading.

And I should have taken a proper camera.
18th Jun 2004, 00:57   comments (0)