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I set this up for a trip to China last year. It worked pretty well for that and I've been using it on and off since to post pictures from trips as well as what I call "good images."

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More pictures from the hills

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Here are a couple more pictures from the Longji rice terraces above Longsheng. The first is a
couple of girls walking home from school while we were resting and enjoying a beer. The
second is a picture of our village from above.
5th May 2007, 14:09   comments (2)

Yangshui Day 1

We spent three nights in Yangshui and got back to Shanghai yesterday. The first picture is the view from our hotel room overlooking the river.

On our first day we bicycled up the river, then took a raft ride part way back. They put our bikes on the back of the raft. You can see a picture of the river from where we got on the raft. On the left you can see the floating restaurant we ate lunch at. Then you can see us on the raft. The countryside around here was beautiful. Not much else to say about it.

At the end of the day I stole 2 oranges. I finally ate one of them today and it was yummy - very juicy.

At the end of the day we got to the end of the road - it ran straight into the river and continued on the other side. Fortunately, there was a woman who took us across on her raft. There were two Chinese girls who arrived at the same place at the same time - we took them across with us.

Last picture is the taxi we took to the hotel - I guess it should have been first but I forgot.
5th May 2007, 14:05   comments (1)

Cool Pictures

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These are a few pictures that I haven't had time to put up.The first is an old guy sitting outside our hotel in the hills. He asked me to take his picture and
then asked for money. I think it was worth it and it probably didn't hurt his budget.The other is architectural detailing in a shopping arcade below an office building in Shanghai. I
don't know why we can't do anything like this in Budapest.
5th May 2007, 13:42   comments (0)

Really Fast Train

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We've tried to send this before - this is the train we took into Shanghai from the airport. It floats on
magnets above the track and doesn't touch anything so it can go real fast. It got up to 431 km/h
but we were afraid to stand up then.
2nd May 2007, 14:28   comments (2)

Rice paddies above Longshen

We spent three days in the terraced rice fields above Longshen and left yesterday morning. The
bus we came on had these chickens tied on the top - actually there were three bags of chickens.We got lucky (for money) and had these girls take our backpacks up the hill for us. It only took
about 35 minutes to climb up to our hotel. At least there were stairs most of the way.They started farming these hills about 700 years ago - it looks like a lot of work. When we arrived
and on our first day it rained, sometimes heavily sometimes just a steady drizzle. The second
day the sun came out which was really nice.It was still still shining when we walked down, but the road was closed...Ezek a kepek a hegyekben, 1000m korul keszultek, a teraszos rizsfoldekrol.
2nd May 2007, 14:26   comments (2)

Rujin Hotel, Shanghai

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This is our hotel in Shanghai. Our room is the one on the first floor behind the fake yellow
flowers. The garden is huge and it's difficult to imagine one person owning all this land in the
middle of Shanghai.
27th Apr 2007, 16:18   comments (0)

Shanghai at night

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This is the river in Shanghai at night. For some reason the Goodyear blimp was flying around -
this must not be the one from the Indy 500 because the other side is in Chinese. You can't see it
in the picture, but the big light on the side of one of the buildings is actually a huge video
27th Apr 2007, 16:12   comments (0)

First Night Out

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We had dinner last night at an Uhgur restaurant - logs of great food for only 3,500 HUF. Kati ate lots of mogyoro. Miss you ikrek es Fanny!! Be good.
27th Apr 2007, 03:59   comments (0)