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I set this up for a trip to China last year. It worked pretty well for that and I've been using it on and off since to post pictures from trips as well as what I call "good images."

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Mas - Side Kereszt

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Some other guy in Esztergomb, Hungary
31st Jul 2007, 09:42   comments (0)

Fw: It's Cold Outside

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It's been pretty cold the past 2 days, so we've had a fire in the fireplace and the kids have been creative...
13th Jul 2007, 04:03   comments (2)

Jancsi's here

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Jancsi arrived last night with my brother Steve and his family. Today Jancsi tried wakeboarding with quite a bit of success.

Later Steve brought over his "new" baby Lennon. Cute kid who didn't cry at all, even when he saw me.
10th Jul 2007, 03:51   comments (0)

Day at the lake

Yesterday Fanny and I went for a Gator ride. Here's a short video.

Today we were just hanging out at the beach - with the cousins and the kids of my cousins none of the kids were bored.
8th Jul 2007, 22:57   comments (3)


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You can check out the family resort at Here are pictures of the boat house and the main lodge as well as a self portrait in the sun today.
8th Jul 2007, 22:54   comments (0)

New Car

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I just got a new car before I went on vacation. I only got to drive it for about four days, but I think it will work out ok. It's a 1969.
8th Jul 2007, 22:37   comments (0)

Shanghai 2 - the final days

A few more pictures from the final week:

1. On the last night I went back to the restaurant Kati and I started
at on the first night. The food was just as good, but my colleague Janos
is much uglier than my wife. I slept next to him on the plane later that
night and it was NOT fun.
2. This is a model of Shanghai at the urban planning museum. I have
never seen anything quite like this.
3. Shanghai skyline and traffic. There are probably better shots,
but I didn't take them.
4/5. Wall Art from the 37th floor lift lobby in the Four Seasons. A
good friend fell in love with one of them, but I think he was really tired
at the time....
18th May 2007, 16:53   comments (0)

Shanghai again - the Conference

I'm back in Hungary now, but I wanted to share a few pictures from the
final week in China which I spent at a Colliers conference in Shanghai.

These pictures are of
1. acrobats at the (first) gala dinner
2. Strange way to have a bath in Shanghai
3. At the "fake market" in Shanghai they sell lots of watches, golf
clubs, iPods and even paintings to those who are prepared to accept less
than the real thing. I didn't see any fake Coke.
4. My third room at the Ruijin Hotel was above the drive through in
this picture. I slept with the window open and woke to birds singing. I
did not want to move to the Four Seasons (but I did anyway.)
5. 18 months ago I was in Shanghai and walked down this street in the
old town a few times. It was a vibrant food market. Now the first half
of the street is in the process of demolition...

18th May 2007, 16:49   comments (0)