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Teddy in the sun

(viewed 1032 times)
It's hot, hot, hot today in the UK. Even teddy bears have to have some chill
out time in the sun. Tumbles is now starring in his very own line-up of
friendly bears at
14th Jul 2005, 13:48   comments (1)

Fire, fire!

(viewed 1064 times)
Aldryngton school circus, 2005. Don't try this at home....
9th Jul 2005, 16:37   comments (2)


(viewed 1001 times)
Legoland again, in case you were wondering....
9th Jul 2005, 16:37   comments (1)

Washing Velvet

(viewed 2059 times)
The things we do...
9th Jul 2005, 16:34   comments (1)

Making Scoobies (again)

(viewed 17633 times)
Just seeing if lightning will strike twice 8-)
23rd Jun 2005, 18:55   comments (143)

Makeshift foot repair

(viewed 1310 times)
After dropping sofa on big toe... OUCH
12th Jun 2005, 17:13   comments (3)

Stone circle

(viewed 1195 times)
Feeling quite mystical all of a sudden...
12th Jun 2005, 13:19   comments (0)

Doctor Who

(viewed 943 times)
Where will it materialise next?
11th Jun 2005, 13:32   comments (0)