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Camel on the road

(viewed 892 times)
Come on, come on, I haven't got all day...
20th Aug 2005, 12:22   comments (0)

The long, lonely drive

(viewed 908 times)
By the light of the silvery moon (yeah, yeah)
20th Aug 2005, 12:13   comments (0)

Now that's what you call a toasted sandwich

(viewed 1341 times)
11th Aug 2005, 14:30   comments (6)

Still small voice

(viewed 1092 times)
After a week of the school holidays, now this is tranquil.
6th Aug 2005, 20:04   comments (3)

Phoenix - Rising from the ashes

(viewed 2992 times)
20th Jul 2005, 09:51   comments (0)


(viewed 928 times)
Big thing, too, around three inches long!!
16th Jul 2005, 19:27   comments (0)

Now that's one poorly dawwgg

(viewed 948 times)
All together now, ahh...
16th Jul 2005, 19:25   comments (0)

Penguins in this heat?

(viewed 876 times)
Not often you come up close to bona fide penguins in 30 degree heat in the
UK. Weird, weird!
16th Jul 2005, 19:23   comments (0)