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I maek bok!

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Bloody finally. Book 2 is done, Book 1 is not. Does that make this Book 1? Don't ask me; I'm tired and can't do math no more. :)

Basically it's photos I've put up on Moblog and then some. I made it for my mommy. :)

9th Feb 2005, 01:58   comments (8)


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We rikee wiggee. And Revs. We needee growsticks.
8th Feb 2005, 23:04   comments (0)


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1) Saint Whocares
2) Neopolitan pipe party.
3) So close and can't connect.

No, those aren't real titles. but I am very tired. :)

Still kinda want to edit the last one somehow...

1st Feb 2005, 05:22   comments (3)

Orange you glad I took a picture of this pipe?

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Hi, I am tipsy. Yes, I realize it only just turned 5. :)
27th Jan 2005, 21:58   comments (8)

Two books, or not two books...

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I'm thinking of putting out a book. Or maybe two. Not sure.

I ALMOST have enough poetry for a book. (I know, no one wants to read that
shit. Too bad! :))

I'm also thinking photos. (By me, not of me.)

I originally was going to put them together. But the more I think about it,
the more I lean toward them being separate, the poetry being titled Denuded,
and the photos something along the line of Mobility. (The drain/foot pic
would be the cover.) Yay! One more project I'll probably never get around to finishing! :D

Any thoughts?
26th Jan 2005, 16:27   comments (8)

Big snow, no powah.

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No workee for Slinkee. :D
She takee pictures on walk home.
23rd Jan 2005, 18:42   comments (10)


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21st Jan 2005, 01:04   comments (7)

James River, Virginia, winter

(viewed 1154 times)
18th Jan 2005, 17:14   comments (8)